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  • Online fitness Youtube videos recommendations

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    I'm looking for recommendations of your favorite online fitness class/teachers.

    I used to go to the gym for classes 3-4 times a week until the lock down in March 2020. I went through months of not exercising and not feeling good about my lack of exercise. I never ever was interested in any online classes, but without much choice I gave it a try. Now, almost a year later, I am not looking back. Even when the gyms open up, I will likely continue to stick to my online workout routine: It is ultra convenient, free, and there are some amazing teachers to access around the world. 

    What are your favorite online classes? Here is mine right now: I recently discovered Dansique Fitness.  Her high quality Pilates, yoga, stretch, ballet influenced workouts (you do not need to be a dancer) are all free. I'm always looking for others' recommendations to bring variety to my workout routine. Thank you!


    I am a VERY enthusiastic recommender of Fitness Blender. I haven't exercised regularly in my adult life but had time (no commute!) during COVID to start and I LOVE IT. Their demeanor (it's a husband and wife couple) is super low-key with a plain white background and no music. I'd estimate half the videos are silence while they're exercising along with you and the rest is explanations and reminders about form or gentle encouragement. They are mostly HIIT and cardio, with some pilates and cardio kickboxing. Most videos require no equipment and range from 10-45ish minutes. There are over 500 videos b/c they've been doing this for more than 10 years! Having tried some videos elsewhere with instructors that call me part of their "squad" and make intense eye contact through the screen and tell me to think about all the cheeseburgers I can eat because of the calories I burn, I much prefer these straightforward and friendly videos. It's so weird to like exercise! 

    Zumba: makingwavesstudios.com !  it's a wonderful international community!

    Latin, as in dancesport latin, danceinsanity.com!

    Both with wonderful teachers, kind energy, and a great community, people from all over the world.  Multi-level skills, some of the people are expert, others are just starting, the teachers hit all levels at once, lucky for us. I feel so lucky to be in these classes.

    Hope to see you on the dance floor with us soon! 

    What a great post! You and I are of like minds... My recommendations are: Move With Nicole : Barre Pliates and yoga (Australia), Lazy Dancer Tips (Italian dancer with simple routines in England) and my yoga fave: Travis Elliott's channel. His instructions are so clear, you don't have to watch him to know what to do with your body. Thanks for the Dansique tip - I will try her routines.

    Making Waves Studios offer Zumba, yoga and meditation.

    Zumba is fun ( I never did it before) you can do lots of cardio while dancing and nobody has to see you. You do pay but this studio run by Venezuelan ladies donate lots of $$ to people in need. That is worth it!


    I enjoy yoga with Adrien. She’s very clear and helpful. I love her vibe. 

    Dansique looks great! I am going to do her class right now. I am also obsessed with Move With Nicole--she is so calm and soothing and has a fantastic range of Pilates, barre, cardio, and fusion classes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEbbyBuyQiHpKiOMj9GFhVw

    Hang in there everyone!

    I love Fitness Blender! They have a great mix of different kinds, lengths and intensities of workouts. You can find them on Youtube, but I like going to their website as you can save favorites, search easily for different levels and kinds of workouts and just generally interface better than on Youtube. I feel like I'm picky with my workouts but Fitness Blender I've never had a bad one.

    Thanks for the recommendation.  Since it seem you like dance-inspired options, I have two suggestions:

    Rhythm and Motion has both free online videos (loads of them) and paid livestream options (also fabulous in person, once that returns!): https://www.rhythmandmotion.com/news-events/onlineclasses

    I've also enjoyed some of the freely available videos through UC Berkeley's RecSports "Zoombox"  (they are also available livestream).  You don't have to log in to view them. https://berkeley.app.box.com/s/n1i4pn15yxx41r2l0a4e3nqigy4uj3gl

    And finally, Berkeley Ballet Theater offers both paid livestream Zoom and free Facebook Live dance classes  (no need to have a FB account to participate). https://www.berkeleyballet.org/adultclasses

    I like Fitness Blender and Yoga with Adrienne. 

    I discovered BollyX during quarantine and have become a complete fan - fun music and dancing, and instructors of all shapes and sizes who don't take themselves too seriously. They offer subscriptions but you can find a lot of good stuff free on their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCADJWEwdD6aUScK-i9kBmaA.

  • I’m trying to help my father-in-law get enough exercise while staying at home. Does anyone know of fitness videos or online fitness subscription services appropriate for elderly adults? He’s in decent health but needs something low-impact and not too strenuous. 


    My husband is a trainer who specializes in seniors. He has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and many post-graduate courses related to seniors and exercise. His oldest client is 88! He works at Anytime Fitness in Berkeley and also sees clients at their homes (he has lots of gear). Now with the SIP he’s also been giving private online classes and seeing clients at the park (keeping their distance, sanitizing equipment, wearing mask, etc). His name is Dario Mathias, you can read his profile here: https://www.anytimefitness.com/gyms/3170/berkeley-ca-94707/#section-staff

    let me know in case you have more questions! His number is (510)990-7163

    Absolutely! Just google AARP exercise videos. I’m not even that old and AARP is an excellent resource for many topics.

    Hi -if your folks can handle ZOOM - the local YMCA east bay offers exercise classes on ZOOM and they are free to Y members and non - members. There are chair exercise classes that are appropriate for older people. The Y also has free weekly exercise videos made by the athletic directors. Some of those are harder than others. Most can be modified for differences in strength and balance. I hope your parents can stay active. It’s so important for us all and the YMCA is here to help. 

    "Sit and Be Fit" is on KQED2 at 7am most days. It's a great show for elderly folks with varying levels of strength and coordination. 

    Please tell him to check out the YMCA: https://ymcaeastbay.org/healthy-living  They offer a variety of classes, including specifically for seniors, in different formats: live Zoom workouts, recorded workouts, and a "workout of the week" with instructions for a short routine to do on your own. These are free and open to everyone.

    Do some searches on youtube. I have made my elderly parent a nice playlist of fun "workout videos" from this site. I categorize them by time: for example search "15 minute workouts for older adults"  They are fun and have communities that follow them, especially during COVID.

    YouTube Qigong videos. An excellent one to start with is the 8 Brocades Qigong Practice https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3K-0JpiJu-o.
    I love it, it’s excellent. Others will also pop up and he could dabble and perhaps be inspired to try out other qigong videos. They’re relatively low impact, gracefully fluid, very calming and grounding. Highly recommend!

    Would he be interested in gardening?   It's exercising with a purpose. 

    I've been enjoying Zumba classes with Iris Perkins. The nice thing about zumba is you can easily modify it to your ability. You don't have to jump or bend if you are not able, you can just dance along. I've found her positive attitude to be infectious and people of all ages and body types are participating in the class. Honestly when all of this started these classes were keeping me sane, they gave me something to look forward to.

    There is technology involved. The classes are on zoom, I follow her schedule on instagram, and I pay her ($5/class) on venmo. If they can handle all that and might enjoy zumba, it might be a great option.


    My elderly parents got an exercise DVD geared towards seniors to use while their gym is closed and seem to be enjoying it - I don't know the specific video they have, but there are probably many options out there. They've also been doing Zoom exercise classes through their gym, but the video seems easier to use - no logging in or adjusting things, just put it in and push play.

    I am a senior and missing the gym for sure. I am loving classes that are offered by a website called Senior Planet. They have two great aerobics classes and two great chair yoga classes each week. They also have some good stretch classes. You can join Senior Planet with a contribution or enjoy the classes for free. These are challenging classes but tailored for seniors.

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Re: Post-baby exercise at home?
I don't have a recommendation for a machine (they are so expensive that Ihave never invested) but 2 excercise tapes that I love. Gin Miller & Reebok Step Aerobics (requires investment in a step)-- intense moves, basic, and hi-intensity are the that I own -- each are about $10 on amazon and I love them! Tae Bo (as in the info mercials). Also great, don't need any additional gear but can be hard on the joints. The 15 minute workout is great -- I often do it 2x in a row if I am pushed for time and cna't do the basic workout. A third one that I highly recommend if you have a small enough baby: Postnatal Fitness for Mom & Baby (on VHS & DVD)... AWESOME if you have a little one that you can put in a front pack. Check out www.FreyaFitness.com... If joining a gym is a possibility, you (or anyone from this list) can try a trial membership at Lakeridge Athletic Club in El Sobrante (which has child care)and open until 10 pm. Send me an email. Good Luck! Shahana

Your message caught my eye, because I recently produced a Postnatal Exercise for Mom & Baby Video that sounds perfect for you. The video has two segments. The first segment provides 8 minutes of pelvic floor and abdominal exercises to help mom get those overly stretched muscles back into shape (this is especially great for the first 6 weeks posptarum). The second segment provides a full-body cardio workout that you can do with your baby (using a front carrier) or without your baby. So, if your baby doesn't sleep at the same time as your older child, you can still get a workout in, by including your baby. It's fun for the baby as well - he/she will enjoy being moved to the music and also watching the moms and babies in the video. I am a certified fitness instructor with specialty training in pre- and postnatal exercise and have been teaching exercise for over 8 years. The program comes in VHS and DVD formats. For more information, see www.freyafitness.com. To your health! Marie