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Jan 2003

Re: Post-baby exercise at home?
I don't have a recommendation for a machine (they are so expensive that Ihave never invested) but 2 excercise tapes that I love. Gin Miller & Reebok Step Aerobics (requires investment in a step)-- intense moves, basic, and hi-intensity are the that I own -- each are about $10 on amazon and I love them! Tae Bo (as in the info mercials). Also great, don't need any additional gear but can be hard on the joints. The 15 minute workout is great -- I often do it 2x in a row if I am pushed for time and cna't do the basic workout. A third one that I highly recommend if you have a small enough baby: Postnatal Fitness for Mom & Baby (on VHS & DVD)... AWESOME if you have a little one that you can put in a front pack. Check out www.FreyaFitness.com... If joining a gym is a possibility, you (or anyone from this list) can try a trial membership at Lakeridge Athletic Club in El Sobrante (which has child care)and open until 10 pm. Send me an email. Good Luck! Shahana

Your message caught my eye, because I recently produced a Postnatal Exercise for Mom & Baby Video that sounds perfect for you. The video has two segments. The first segment provides 8 minutes of pelvic floor and abdominal exercises to help mom get those overly stretched muscles back into shape (this is especially great for the first 6 weeks posptarum). The second segment provides a full-body cardio workout that you can do with your baby (using a front carrier) or without your baby. So, if your baby doesn't sleep at the same time as your older child, you can still get a workout in, by including your baby. It's fun for the baby as well - he/she will enjoy being moved to the music and also watching the moms and babies in the video. I am a certified fitness instructor with specialty training in pre- and postnatal exercise and have been teaching exercise for over 8 years. The program comes in VHS and DVD formats. For more information, see www.freyafitness.com. To your health! Marie