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12-year-old wants a dirt bike

April 2006

I'm a fairly bookish, library-loving mom who is constantly amazed by my 12-year-old son. I could handle the skateboards, hockey, BMX bikes -- but now he wants a dirt bike. I feel it's unsafe, environmentally unsound, and expensive -- but he is very angry that I'm shutting him down without considering this. Are there groups out there that would let him rent a bike and equipment and let me find out more about this without shelling out big bucks?
Timid mom of daredevil kid

Hi! I'm a mom who has ridden motorcycles on the street for almost 20 years, and love the sport as a whole. I was surprised when my kids wanted to ride - just hadn't thought it through, had I? So now I'm the mom of two boys, 8 and 9 years of age, who ride. Your concerns are valid, and then of course there is the fact that it is an expensive sport as well. But I do think my boys have learned a lot about responsibility, personal safety, and much more. Please feel free to email me directly or give me a call if you want to chat more about it. Eden

Dirtbike Room Theme

Jan 2006

We just found out that we are going to have a little boy, and my husband is insistant that he have a dirtbike themed room. I looked on the web for fabric to make the crib bedding, but had no luck. Any suggestions? Any suggestions for other room decorations? Thanks! Kristen

I was just at JoAnn Fabric in Emeryville, looking for a maritime theme fabric to make curtains for my son's room (it has a maritime/nautical theme). I know the feeling picking a theme that isn't the standard sports theme, etc. But I did see several motorcycle and bicycle themed prints at JoAnn. There are also cars and general transportation themes. Construction is maybe a good alternative choice to the dirtbike idea, since I remember running across a lot of that on the web. But hey, I wouldn't give up on the dirtbike idea just yet. It is kind of nice to have it be an unusual theme. Liz

What if you mixed up some mud-colored fabric paint and ran a bike tire (or large toy truck tire) through it and then over a solid color fabric for a muddy tire track effect and used that for the bumper (and maybe a wall-hanging quilt and/or room border), and just bought solid coordinating sheets? That might be a little more subtle than some of the dirt-bike fabric I've seen out there. Also, check out the tips in this discussion: http://www.thriftyfun.com/tf789101.tip.html. RJR Fabrics makes a line called ''Something to Talk About'' that includes a now- discontinued dirt-bike print, but it's still available some places online, like http://honeyforkfabrics.com, and likely on Ebay. Lastly, I think their stuff is a little over-the-top, but there's a whole site (www.dirtkids.com) devoted to dirt-bike themed bedding. Good luck and have fun!
I love Google

Jan 2007
There is a woman named Kristen on your board who asked for advise on a Dirt Bike Themed (heading to her post)room for her new baby. The fabric is impossible to find and after searching for 4 years I found it and wanted to pass the information to her. I was doing a Yahoo search online for Dirt Bike wall boarders and your site with her post popped up.
She can find the fabric at the following link.....
The fabric details ~ Timeless Treasures Fabrics, INC Pattern # GM - C8993
Thank you!!!!! Heather O.

Dirt Bike Gear (accessories)

Aug 2005

My son got a dirt bike for his 11th b-day and now needs the right clothes (accessories) to go riding. Does anyone know of an outlet aroung here. Size YL 12-14, boots 8.5 or mens small, chest protector, pants, etc. . . Thanks

Try Sierra Trading Post (www.sierratradingpost.com) They are an ''outdoor'' on-line outlet store, and have some ATV and dirt biking gear. Ellen