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Hypo-allergenic eco pull-ups or overnight diapers

Dec 2012

I'm hoping another parent can recommend a pull-up or overnight diaper that will do the trick. My situation is this: My 3YO daughter with extremely sensitive skin & lots of allergies still sleeps in diapers. We use cloth during naptime, but at night had been using Nature Baby pull-ups, as those didn't irritate her skin like 7th generation or Earth's Best did. The best we can figure is that the polypropylene that is often used in disposable diapers' waistband triggers her allergies. However, the Nature Baby pull-ups have started leaking, maybe 4 nights out of 5 over the past 2 weeks. I would just put her in cloth except I think it would create a rash with her skin staying moist at night. Has anyone else had success with a pull-up or overnight diaper that's not character-branded and not too chemical/allergen-laden? Thanks... Washing lots of pj pants

Years ago, I bought a soft cloth liner to line the over night diaper that my son wore. I bought the liners from an online diaper company. Bought 3 liners. They were thick and took a long time to dry. I just kept them in the dryer as I did the rest of the laundry. I used nickysdiapers.com. Fond of soft cloth

Seeking Cloth-type Nighttime Pull-ups - Older kids

October 2006

Does anyone have a recommendation for washable-type nighttime pull-ups for older kids? I have a potty trained 3 year old who wears pull-ups at night, but rarely pees in them. I hate just throwing those things out -- just environmentally as well as economically, but I don't really know how often to re-use them before it just starts getting gross.

I could try to train her to sleep through the night in undies. But she's only been potty trained a few months and we just started pre-school, so I hate to put pressure on her for another big adjustment.

And if I tried to put a big enough cloth diaper on her, I know she would hate to have to wear one again after feeling like a ''big girl'' for going on the potty now. So I'm just wondering if those cloth diaper companies make a cloth big kid-type pull up. Does anyone know or have any suggestions? Thanks
Hates pull-ups, but not ready to go without anything at night

Yes, mother-ease, a great diaper company makes what we called practice underwear. That's what both our sons used at nighttime at first. The company calls them training pants and you can find them on their web site under ''other products''. I also noticed they have a bedwetter pant, but that may be overkill. We also used a wool sleeping pad under the sheet. Wool is amazing. It protects the mattress and after a day of airing out, the urine smell isn't detectable at all. You need to wash it with a special cleaner, however, so you don't lose all the lanolin. www.mother-ease.com congratulations on no more diapers! mom of former practice underwear wearers

A couple suggestions...we have done both. You could continue to use pull-ups and reuse if dry by keeping your child's underpants on. This way, the pull-up is just a backup in case of an accident. However, even this felt kind of wasteful to us sometimes because invariably the pull-up would rip or something when our daughters used the potty in the morning. You could also try and make the cloth diapers appealing by having your child choose the wrap she likes. This is what we do now (for both my 3 year old and 6 year old who is finally night-trained after weeks of the alarm training and now only has occasional accidents.) We still let them wear their underpants so they feel more like big kids. Anon

I am in the same boat. This weekend, we will try to put ''big boy underwear'' on our son who is 2 1/2 and has been trained since he was 2. He rarely pees at night but we wanted to keep the pee contained if he did. He's also never worn training underwear, just regular briefs. So, we bought a full size waterproof mattress pad that we use OVER his bottom sheet. We also bought this ''night time underwear'' from the same maker of Fuzzy Bunz: http://www.pottytrainingconcepts.com/ MOE_OU-z.html. Also, we bought one of each of these underwear that seemed thicker than others: http://www.pottytrainingsolutions.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=41_id=286, and http://www.pottytrainingsolutions.com/shop/product_info.php?cPath=41_id=331 .
I hope these help you! Good luck anon

I never tried these, but Babyworks sells something made by Nikky (whose diaper covers we used a ton): http://www.babyworks.com/ go to - Diapering - For Big kids - and see the Nikky All Night pants. They aren't cheap...but they'd probably work well - was in that boat too

A friend of mine had good success putting their kid first in regular underwear, then the pull up over that. That way their son felt cloth next to his skin as if he was not wearing a pull up, but the pull up was there if he needed back up. Also, that allowed them to re-use the pull up if it didn't get wet anon

Where to Buy Small Pull-up Diapers

August 2006

Where (other then on-line) can one buy pull-up diapers in size 2T or smaller? Our local stores only carry Huggies in small sizes and my daughter is allergic to them. I know Pampers even make 1T. Has anyone seen them? Or am I the only one with such a skinny kid? tanita

I would try Target, or if you're really desperate, look online. Jill

Cloth ''pull-ups'' for potty training?

August 2006

My little one is entering the world of potty training and has been cloth diapered her whole little life. Can other cloth diapering parents recommend cloth potty trainers? Brand, style, price, and where to buy (besides eBay) would be helpful. Also, I am not sure if these work better by gender, but we have a girl who is on the chunky(rather than slender) side of growth. Finally, do you have recommendations for clothing brands that fit over cloth butts at this age?
happily cloth diapering

My kids use cotton training pants by gerber--they're just like underware but a little thicker in the crotch. Then we used nylon pull up covers-- the pull ons by basic connection. These were easy enough for my 2 year old to pull on and off by himself. They come in varrious sizes up to 3t and 4t--it is best to get a bit bigger because they shrink and if they're too fitted they're tougher for little learners to pull off. Baby World on Telegraph in Oakland stocks all of these things for a good price. Tushies makes some AIO and stuff, but for the money--go for the training pants and the nylon cover. They worked GREAT for us!
chrunchy cloth mama

We found a diaper service that does Gerbers cotton training pants. I use them doubled up at home, and when we go out we use one pair with Gerbers plastic pants, available on Amazon for a fraction of what most baby stores charge (I think it was 6 pairs for $8). The diaper service we are using is called Tiny Tots and is out of San Jose, but they do service the East Bay. I tried going with a Berkeley company but they were low on training pants at the time. If you would rather use businesses closer to home, you could call around and see who in the area does training pants (and let me know!). We are doing EC, so my daughter is 19 months and on the small side, but most of the training pants are size 3-4. We just fold the waistband over and they are fine for smaller kids too. As for pants, I am a big fan of Gymboree leggings - easy on and off and often go on sale online.

Yeah, it's hard to figure this out at first. You really don't need much. Your diapers are fine. We all learned to use the toilet way before pull-ups were invented. I think most people start with the kid wearing nothing on the bottom at home. Still wearing diapers while out, eating, sleeping etc. When your kid is doing well you just move up to the training pants type of underwear and bring lots of extra clothes. As for clothes it's sweat pants- available in pleantiful colors at any thrift store. you can get the next size up which will give her pleanty of room and comfort and because of the band at the bottom of the leg she won't trip. They really are the perfect clothing for cloth-diaper kids. Don't stess i know it's daunting but really all over the world people potty train successfully without pull-ups and all the other crap people buy here.
-aaarg to pull-ups

Years ago I used the Nicky overnight pants available from www.babyworks.com. They were much softer than paper pullups. I see they also have a daytime pullup. The overnight pant took a long time to dry; I had 3 pairs, and would wash them first, then run them in the dryer with my subsequent loads of laundry. It usually took 3 dryer runs to get them dry.
another cloth diaper mama

Pull-ups too hard to change - back to regular diapers?

Sept 2004

My husband takes care of our 2-yr old while I work during the day. About 3 mos ago, we switched her to pull-ups and put her on the potty, and she would go. About 2 or 3 weeks ago, she started refusing to even sit on the potty, and we don't want to force her. My husband says he is tired of having to take off her pants, shoes, etc just to put a new pull-up on her, so he wants to put her back in diapers. She has a kind of foot/shoe obsession so it is quite a struggle to get her shoes on and off, depending on her preference at the time. I think putting her back in diapers will only cause her ''regression'' to last longer and will further discourage her from wanting to sit on the potty. I should mention she has a 4 yr. old fully potty trained sister and loves to be just like her (except when it comes to the potty). Any advice? - Cant wait to get rid of the changing table

Put her back in diapers. It is not that hard to take off (compared to a pull-up) but certainly easier to get back on. IMHO, I think the whole idea that a pull-up is like underwear doesn't make sense. If they can use it instead of a potty, it is in essence the same thing as a diaper. Therefore, I don't see how that would be regression. My daughter potty trained from diapers to panties and really never used pull- ups. Also, her pre-school asked that parents keep their kids in diapers while potty-training for the very same reason as your husband points out. I think it is a reasonable request to maintain your husband's sanity, too. Good luck! Elizabeth

Eco pull up diapers for 19-mo-old?

Aug 2003

My 19 mo. old son is becoming increasingly more difficult to change. We've been using cloth diapers and then Tushies when we go out for extended periods of time. Another mom with the same problem suggested that I switch to pullups. My son has already shown some interest in potty-training. So...Is there an eco pullup diaper? A comfortable cloth alternative? It would be great if we could find something to fold into the potty training transition that's comfortable and even ''fun'' for him to wear (unfortunately, I know that Elmo probably will not appear on an eco alternatives). Help! Heidi

Hi, There are cloth pullups. For example, Gerber makes them. You can find them in 2nd hand places, or new in baby stores or at Target. They come in differnt sizes. ABC diaper service rents and washes them, too, just as they do diapers, but only size T3, which turned out to be too small for my daughter (14 months, but very big). You could use them together with some wool or plastic pullup style cover to be on the save side in public.

Another alternative I use a lot is to have a wide elastic band (1 inch or so, like the ones for tradional style male underwear) around my daughters waist to hold the cloth diapers. It just stays in place all day and makes diapering with a moving baby a lot easier, because it holds already w/o the cover and you don't have to start over when the baby moves away in the middle of the process.

We change her standing up, not really undressing her. We just pull down pants and cover, put the diaper in place and under the elastic band (3 fold, spread around the bottom once it's already hold by the elastic), and pull everything back up. What used to be a big deal can now be done in 5 seconds.

This also makes it easy to give your toddler the opportunity to try the potty, and he may be able to do the pull-down and up on his own soon (an be proud of it). Wide cotton pants with just elastic are much more convenient for both toddler and parent than tight jeans with zipper and bottom. And I believe that making it as simple as possible helps the potty learning a lot.

At home we dropped the cover, have her with a diaper hold by the elastic band and no pants. We change as soon as she pees, and we switch her on the potty if we notice quickly enough (this almost always worked for poop, and now she hasn't pooped in a diaper at home for months and outside the house only once in a while.)

My mother gave me the advice to carry the potty around in the house, or have two of them, rather than expecting the baby to search for the potty when in need. This created a funny image in my mind, of my mother running after us with a potty in her hand, but it was very helpful advice.

Good luck with the potty learing, ''Once upon a potty'' is a great book btw. Julia

Disposal of pull-ups

April 2002

Our 3.5-year-old daughter has been potty trained during the day for six months now, but is in pull-ups at night. We have been continuing to use the diaper pail for the pull-ups, but in thinking about the fact that she may use pull-ups for quite a while to come (she sleeps like a log at night) I am wondering what others do about disposal of pull-ups. Do you still use a diaper pail? I'd love to be able to get rid of it, but don't know what an easy (mornings are kind of a rush) solution would be (though will undoubtedly say, ''of course!'' when reading your advice!). Thanks.

My daughter is still in night diapers too and I know how little things can make a big difference-- I can't stand the smell of the dirty diapers in the house anymore so I toss the night diaper on my way out of the house in the morning. This works If your outdoor garbage can is semi-close to your route out the door. My hands are full sometimes with 3 different bags/packs to go different places and a sippy cup and a dirty diaper, but usually they end up in their appropriate places (though once the diaper made it into work with me!). One fun option it to arrange your garbage can (or recycling container-but don't forget to put the diaper in the trash later!) so you can throw the dirty diaper into it from your porch/door. I'm getting pretty good and now my daughter routinely asks when I step back inside ''Did you make a basket?'' Nancy

We put wet pull-ups in the bathroom garbage, and empty it once or twice a week. Sometimes it starts to really reek of urine and then just empty the garbage sooner. jennifer

I was also anxious to get rid of our diaper genie, so we just started throwing the pull-ups in the kitchen garbage can. This worked for us since our son was only wetting in his pull-ups and therefore they weren't much smellier than most of our food scraps. Having said that, it still motivated us to take out the kitchen garbage more frequently, which wasn't a bad thing! Lori M.