Diaper Ointments

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Protective ointment for overnight

Aug 2003

Our 4 month old has been sleeping about 8 hours straight at night. Because we don't change his diaper for that period of time, we want to put some type of protective ointment on him to avoid rashes. We have desitin which we used when he had a diaper rash, but that is 40% zinc oxide and contains petroleum. What types of more natural ointments do people use for this purpose? Thanks! martha

Weleda makes two GREAT diaper creams. 1. Diaper Care for diaper rash which contains 12% Zinc Oxide and 2. Calendula Baby Cream, a wonderful, anytime skin and diaper cream. Both can be found at health food stores, Whole Foods, Berkeley Bowl. Linnea

Burt's Bees has a line called Baby Bee and the diaper ointment is the absolute best! While it still contains Zinc Oxide (they all do) I think the beeswax makes it stay on better. The calendula helps with any healing. Additionally, it doesn't contain any fish oils like the others including Desitin. We have sworn by it for both our boys. You can get it at Whole Foods, El Cerrito Natural Foods, Berkeley Bowl and LONGS carries the whole line in the cosmetics deptartment. No Longer Rashy

We like the Weleda line of Calendula-based ointments. You can find them at Whole Foods & most health food stores. They have a yellow one without zinc and a white one (more protective) with zinc. Christina

We use a diaper ointment by Weleda, commonly available at most natural foods stores or you can find it online. I really like the entire Weleda line for baby care. The diaper ointment doesn't contain any petroleum or parabens, and has all natural preservatives. It has cleared up any diaper rash we have encounters within a few applications. It does contain zinc oxide, but considering what it doesn't contain, I rather have the zinc. natural mom

We love Eucerin's Aquaphor. Clear and non-staining, easy on and off, and generally fabulous. You can usually find it in the lotion section (not baby area) of most drugstores (Walgreens if not others.) Melissa T