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A good day-use diaper bag

Jan 2010

Taking a trip to NYC and looking for recommendations for a good diaper bag for use while out and about the city with a 10-month old. Also desire to have the diaper bag double as my purse to dispense with the need to carry two bags. The diaper bag I currently use is too bulky and does not organized the contents well. Recommendations? anon

I loved my Skip Hop Duo diaper bag so much I bought two! Sleek profile (designed by a couple of NYC parents) but with lots of pockets inside and out for organization and things you need to grab quickly; sturdy material; well- made; comes in black and red and fun colors that don't scream ''diaper bag.'' (In fact, now that my kids are past that stage I use it as a day bag myself for travel and outings.) They also have a messenger-style bag and some that look just like purses. JP

I found a great backpack diaper bag. It has many separate compartments to put stuff in. It has one compartment that is insulated and is a cooler. Now I have some where to put all of the snacks and I can leave the cooler at home. It also has a built in changing pad. One of my problems I had with my other bags is that all of my stuff was in one or two compartments. When I needed something I had to empty the contents of the bag to find what I was looking for.I always had more stuff than I needed but I was always afraid I would not have something I needed. Anyway When I needed something I had to empty the contents of the bag to find what I was looking for. So all of the compartments are great. I have a separate place to store every thing now. It's made by Sherpa Baby. I saw someone with one so I searched the net to find one. Several places had them but the cheapest place I found it was at http://www.monkeybunz.com . I've been using it for about three months now and it's been great. I still over pack but at least now I have some organization. It doesn't seem like much but right now even a little victory goes a long way. I hope this helps you out. Rhonda

Diaper bag that works with a sling or hip carrier

July 2004

I am pregnant with my second child. I am trying to find a diaper bag that will work easily with a sling or hip carrier. With my first baby I used a backpack diaper bag, but found it hard to use the sling with the backpack. I'm trying to reform, but I tend to ''need'' everyting with me, so I favor a larger bag. Sling-using mamas, what worked best for you? sharon

We have an over-the-shoulder diaper bag (I think Eddie Bauer). This was a shower gift and wouldn't have been my choice, and I find it especially difficult to use with the sling. When we're going on an outing with the sling, I usually throw diapers and other stuff into my backpack. Sling goes on first, then backpack, so if I have to take the backpack off to get something, I can do it without disturbing the baby too much. My backpack isn't made to be a diaper bag, so in a lot of ways it's not suited for the purpose, but I still find it more comfortable than the over-the-shoulder bag which cuts into my shoulder and tends to slip off, requiring that I keep my hand there. My next diaper bag will definitely be a back-pack version! Jen

Hi, i highly recommend a lumbar pack...i have the REI version - you can see it at this link http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?storeId=8000=40000008000=14017712_category_rn=4500631=REI_SEARCH

they have 3 different sizes too (i think i have the medium one), but of course they also carry a bunch of other brands/configurations. it's great because you can sling it over one shoulder like a messenger bag or wear it around your lower back (like a large butt pack, but higher up) and it carries everything - diapers, extra clothes, drinks, snacks, dolls etc. the strap doesn't get in the way while you are wearing the sling...just put the strap around the opposite shoulder carrying the weight of the sling - balance! stacy

Best diaper bag?

May 2001

What's your recommendation for the best diaper bag? I'm looking for a versatile backpack type as a gift for a first-time mom. I've been looking on the web, but would like to get some personal advice/warnings. Thanks! Stacey

We're on baby number 2 and finally have a diaper bag we love: the Eagle Creek diaper backpack. We got ours at Rockridge Kids on College in Oakland. Dmeasham

This is a great gift. I got several but only used my Lands Ends. I actually have two diaper bags from Lands End. They have many varieties, styles and sizes. I just got the back pack type. It has everything that I need. Although, as a first time mom, I used my over the shoulder one more, but as a second time mom the need to carry stuff is less. Lands End has a great reputation for quality. The bags all come with a waterproof pouch, changing pad (which I used extensively), and bottle area. They wash great and are stylish too. They are currently having a sale on last years models @ www.landsend.com under infant. one. Last year's backpack is smaller than this year's model so take a look at both the sale and the new items. Teri

All the Land's End diaper bags are great. As a first time Mom, I started out with the bigger one that holds everything. But now with my son 10 months old and not needing a change of clothes and a diaper change every 2 hours, I am using the smaller, more fashionable black backpack. It has an outside pocket that is very accessible, and a lot of room inside, too. I would definitely check out the Land's End website or catalog. Nicole

we received two as presents--a black cool one and a green & pink cutesy one w/one strap--and we finally bought and use a black canvas backpack from Target that has a couple of poickets, is easy to zip open & closed, and was pretty cheap. Jessica

I have an Eagle Creek diaper bag I bought at REI 2.5 years ago. It is the PERFECT diaper, IMO. It has been washed in the washing machine numerous times and it still looks close to brand new. I can't tell you all that it has been through and just how well it has held up. It has just the right amount of pockets, not too many and not too few. As you can tell, I love it! - Allison

I really like my Lands' End Little Tripper diaper bag for errands and small outings. It holds enough diapers, wipes, etc. and has a really well-folding changing pad. I like not having to lug around the big mega-bag. I was able to get a little backpack version on their overstock webpage for $19.50. I use it as a purse and diaper bag. They have a bigger version too that's about $40 that has a toiletry bag and other amenities. I've done well with the little one, though. (http://www.landsend.com) Ilana

I purchased the Kelty Kids Diaper Daypack when my daughter was first born (she is now 16 months). I love it! It comes with a changing pad, has multiple pouches for diapers, wipes, etc., and a two pouches for bottles. It can be worn as a regular backpack or as a shoulder bag (strap included). My husband and I are pretty active and we have used the diaper bag for hikes, travel and around town. It also attaches to the Kelty Kids baby carrier (another great product!). Another great thing about it is that it looks more like sports bag than a frilly duck and rattle adorned diaper bag. You can find the product on http://www.kelty.com. I don't think they have online ordering, but you could probably get a catalog from the site. Bri/Jenn

I have an Eagle Creek backpack type diaper bag that I like very much. I know that Title 9 Sports carries this diaper bag in their catalog and possibly their Berkeley store. My only reservation is that the changing pad is not very padded and I always felt a little uncomfortable putting my newborn on it. Otherwise, it's been great. We're pretty hard on it and it's still in great condition after 16 months. I like the look of it as well as the all the compartments, bottle holders, etc. You might be able to buy an additional pad separately--one that is a little more comfy. Alisa

The best diaper bag I can recommend is made by Briggs & Riley. They are a luggage maker that happens to also make diaper bags, both the conventional kind and the backpack kind. Their diaper bags are expensive, but they have a discounted section on their website and in their Half Moon Bay store with diaper bags that are the same as the expensive ones, just in a different color for half the price. They have a lifetime warranty, and will fix or repair the problem if any within 3 days (this is great esp. if your friend has more than one child). For some reason I could not access their website, but here is a blurb on their warranty. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/1stdiscountluggage/abbrigril.html There is a new diaper bag made by Bjorn that is supposed to be so great, but I recently tried one out at a shower where it given as a gift. In my opinio, it was much heavier and bulkier that a diaper bag should be and seemed that it could become a burden to carry around. angela