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  • Where to buy solid wood desk

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    We are in the market for a large, L-shaped solid wood desk with a hutch with doors that close and at least one lockable file drawer for a home office. There are many internet ads for "Amish" or "Dutch" -crafted desks like this. Does anyone know of any local stores that carry or could build this type of desk? Fenton Maclaren does not seem to. Would definitely be open to used options.

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    You can try the wooden Duck in Berkeley. They are a bit of a pain to work with and their customer service is wanting, but they have a lot of handmade wooden furniture and might work with you on a custom piece if it's not too complicated.

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August 2001

I need to buy my teenage daughter a desk for her room. We're looking for one big enought to will carry her through her high school and possibly college years, but styled to fit a teen's bedroom. Any ideas on where I can look for a desk for her? Lori

Styles and prices of desk vary considerably. My 15-year-old daughter and I looked lots of places before settling on a simple, light-colored desk for her room from Ikea in Emeryville. It has a large surface area and drawers on both sides and enough leg room. It was a pretty good price too, and my husband thought he could put it together in a few hours... of course that was more like five hours! My daughter continues to happy with it. They have a number of styles available at Ikea, but it is best to go on a weekday if you want a parking place. Bonnie