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Work out pants that don't show labia

Jan 2014

So, this is an unusual question that I've never seen posted here... Do any of you work out gals know of a brand or style of workout pants (other then the baggy kind) that are designed in a way that doesn't show the crease in the labia? This makes me so self conscious and I don't always wear long tops to cover. I don't know if it's a matter of better quality, or body type/weight. I've worn work out pants from Target, Marshalls, Lucy's, and Athleta. They all have a center seam that seems to define the two sides. Are there any brands that make a center piece (like remember chi pants?)? Thanks for any info. self conscious in workouts

I can sympathize with you--I have this issue with a lot of workout pants! It's awful to be tugging at your crotch as you exercise. My favorites are actually from Athleta, which you said don't work for you. The Kickbooty has the straight seam down the middle, but have you tried the Revelation pant? That one has the diamond-like patch in the middle, so may work better for you. If you have a longer seat, I also highly recommend getting a tall size. They're often not only longer in the leg, but longer in the butt, too, so may not pull at the crotch so much. (If you aren't tall, you can always have them shortened. Athleta does all hemming free of charge.)I also like Calvin Klein's exercise pants/capris. Again, not all of their styles have the center piece, so be sure to try them out in a store. Hope that helps... Good luck! A Sympathetic Runner
My first thought is that you need to go up a size. Too-tight workout pants show everything. I wear a size 6 or 8 in regular pants, but sometimes find myself fitting better in a large in fitness pants.

Title Nine sells a workout pant called the Not-So-Tight Fitness Pant. They don't fit quite as snugly as other yoga pants, but they are comfortable and not baggy:

I have had some luck with Lucy pants. In particular, I like these, the Ultimate Xtraining pant:,default,pd.html?cgid=Ultimate_X_Training

I know you said you tried Athleta, but I've been very happy with their Kickbooty pants. I carry my weight in my hips and thighs, so I have a hard time finding flattering, good fitting workout pants. The Kickbooty fits well and is very flattering.

The Gaim catalog seems to have not super tight fitness pants, as do Lands End and Soft Surroundings. Never tried them, though.

And yes!! I do remember chi pants. They were made in Emeryville!

Where to buy reasonably priced gym wear?

May 2009

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good store near Piedmont for gym wear, ie warm up pants & jackets, and workout tops and bottoms that are athletic but not overly scant for a somewhat fit over-40 body? (Reasonably priced would be a plus!) New to the Area

I like Lululemon at College and Ashby in Berkeley's Elmwood district. You can preview their styles at and see if it's what you're looking for. I think See Jane Run lower on College (nr Rockridge BART) also carries not-too-skimpy athletic wear. And there's also Title 9 in Berkeley or online at Should Spend As Much Time Working Out as I Do Shopping
Try Trans Sports which has a store on College and another on Solano Avenue. They were also really good at helping me fit running shoes. kl
I buy all my gym wear at Marshalls and Ross! Great prices and good brands. Otherwise you could try Sports Mart in Emeryville. bargain shopper
Lululemon has a store in Berkeley, right at the corner of College and Ashby, which is a quick drive from Piedmont. Walnut Creek has a Title Nine store. A Walnut Creek Lululemon is opening at the end of May.

I buy all my gymwear at TJ Maxx or Marshalls because I don't care about brands or labels and the quality has been fine. Both chains have a whole long rack of workout wear and worth checking as prices about as reasonable as you can find. frugal gym rat

Shop in East Bay with great yoga/exercise wear

Oct 2006

I am looking for some very good-looking quality clothes to wear for yoga, jogging, going to the park, running errands on foot/bike, etc. Are there shops in the Albany/Berkeley/Oakland area with an especially good selection? Thanks.

Title 9 (near REI) is just what you want. Just what I want too, but too expensive for my budget envious
Title Nine. REI. Body Options carries Prahna. Namaste Yoga Studio on College. See Jane Run. Royal Robins - more casual wear than athletic gear, but you mentioned shopping. Athletica is my favorite, but online only - no stores nearby. Have fun shopping!
Although not in the East Bay, I just discovered Lucy in Corte Madera ( It's usually eaier to get to Marin than anywhere on Highway 80! Great quality clothes, range of prices and they don't look like they're made for 16-year olds anon
I think REI in Berkeley has a nice selection of yoga/workout/casual clothing. Also worth checking out: Destination 1440 - 1440 San Pablo Ave. (south of REI) Title Nine 1374 Tenth St. Berkeley See Jane Run 5817 College Ave, Oakland (Rockridge) Body Options 3212 College Ave, Oakland (I think this is also in Rockridge) GB
I *love* Title 9, on 10th street behind REI, near Gilman. They also have a great catalog. They carry clothes that work for active, atheletic women-- they fit, they feel great, they wear well-- they seem to specialize in clothes that move easily from sports/work out to running errands/playing. I can't say enough good things about them anon.
I would try Title 9 located at 1374 Tenth St. in Berkeley (right behind REI) or See Jane Run on College in Rockridge (5817 College Ave.). Another place to look would be the North Face Outlet store off of Gilman in Berkeley, and REI actually has a pretty good selection also. Kara
Namaste yoga on College in the Rockridge area usually has a good selection of clothing. So does Title Nine off of Gilman in Berkeley suzanne