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Retractable clothes line

Aug 2001

With the energy crisis and hot weather I would like to dry some laundry outside. Does anyone know of a source for a retractable clothes line. I could only find a very flimsy stand for delicate laundry drying needs. Thanks

The Vermont Country Store has a retractable clothesline for $19.95. Website:

I saw a heavy duty retractable clothesline at Real Goods (at Gilman and 10th) last fall. It was around $20. Deborah

I just bought one last week at the Ace Hardware on Grand Ave. in Oakland. It extends to 40 feet and cost about $12, I think. Call first to make sure they have them in stock b/c they told me I got the last one that day. Claudia

Umbrella-shaped clothesline

April 2002

We are looking for a laundry stand that looks a bit like a large umbrella. We want to line-dry our laundry but don't have a good set-up for a long clothes line. Where can we find such a stand? Petra

Try Orchard Supply Hardware on Ashby in Berkeley. They carry what you want, its called a ''clothes dryer''. Get the sturdiest one they have, as the wind has broken several of mine over the years. Nevertheless, they are fairly inexpensive and worth using instead of an automatic dryer. Nancy