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Berkeley-area stores that sell sweatshop-free clothes

March 2008

I'd love to know which Berkeley-area clothing stores sell sweatshop-free clothes (fair trade or made in USA) also use organic cotton & other ecologically-friendly fabrics. Kat

Off the top of my head I can recommend American Apparel for the basics. Their products are sweatshop free and made in LA; they have a store at 2315 Telegraph (right near the campus). They also have an online store. Oakland Mom

You didn't ask for baby clothes, but if you're interested in them, O!BabyBaby is the place. They are super-nice, they're a small family business and they have very selected beautiful and ethical clothing for babies. O!BabyBaby 1885 Solano Ave (between Fresno Ave & Indian Rock Path) Berkeley, CA 94707 (510) 559-9909 I want to introduce my favorite baby gift. These wild animal sweaters are hand knit by a collective of Kenyan woman in the best cotton and cutest styles. Toto Knits was begun by San Franciscan Erin Brennan who moved to Nairobi and married my Kenyan cousin Jan Allan. She collaborates with a knitting collective to offer income to a group of unwed mothers in a country without much income to offer. These items are priceless and precious and the good you do is immeasurable as well. Check out: hilary

I saw the recommendation for AMerican Apparel- and just thought I'd comment about their CEO and his questionable behavior towards female employees. While it's great that the products are made in the US = I'm not comfortable with the provocative photos that he takes and posts on the website. anon

An online/catalog fair trade clothing store is Fair Indigo. They have mostly adult clothes, some baby clothes and jewelry. Some is organic. susan

Sweatshop Free Kids Clothes Online?

Nov 2007

Hi everyone, My daughter's 3rd birthday is coming up (not to mention the holidays) and I know both her grandmothers are looking to buy her some cute new clothes. We try to buy most of our clothing second hand and/or sweatshop-free. Does anyone know of any good online (the grandmothers both live in the midwest) stores for kids clothes that are sweatshop-free? In looking, I mostly find stuff for adults or a few t-shirts for kids. Also, your recommendations for your favorite local places are welcome to. Thanks, Laura

Try Speesees. They have a store in SF (3rd street) and you can buy online at I've bought a few things from there and really like the quality. They wash well and are very cute too. Michelle

I have just what you're looking for! American Apparel clothes are made in LA by workers who are paid well and given benefits like English classes. The kids clothes they sell are simple basics like t-shirts and hoodies; they are logo-free;they come in a wide range of great colors. Check them out online at fairtrade fashion fan

Jasper Hearts Wren is a clothing label by two East Bay moms, specializing in infant and toddler sized tees, hoodies, dresses and accessories, all made from sweatshop free apparel and vintage reproduction fabrics. We have an organics line launching this Spring as well. You can purchase our clothing online at: Heather