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Where to buy tutu and leotard for 6-year-old niece

Dec 2004

I have a 6 yo neice who takes ballet lessons and lives out of state. I would like to buy her a tutu and leotard for Xmas, but as the mother of boys have no idea where one purchases such items. I know I can find them on-line but would prefer to buy locally so I can get it in the mail sooner than later. Any suggestions for a good place to look?
clueless, but well meaning auntie

I have a 8 year old in Ballet and some of her items I buy at Target - but watch the sizes as I seem to notice they run a bit small. Target will give you a gift receipt to make exchanges easy too. The other option is to call a local dance studio in your area. I know Kids N Dance in Lafayette carries great outfits, little skirts to go over the leotard are pretty standard sizes, so buying should be easy.
Hi - have you tried the Capezio dance store on College in Oakland (Rockridge)? They have an enormous selection & the girls that work there, though they seem rather aloof, are all dancers and can really help you select something appropriate for a ballet class. You may want to check with your niece's mother to make sure her ballet class doesn't require certain colors - some do.
There's a dance store on College avenue in Rockridge.... It used to be called ''Capezio'', but may have a different name now. My niece is a dancer and she always goes there when she comes to visit (from alaska) and stocks up on leotards, toe shoes, etc. anon
There is a nice dance wear shop on College Ave. at the corner of Chabot. Independently owned with a second store in the city.
SF Dance Company on College Avenue and Chabot is the local place to get ballet stuff.
Former ballet mom
Forgive me for not knowing the name of the place, maybe someone will read this & know what I'm talking about. There's an excellent ballet store that has items from newborn to adult. It's located on College. If you are coming from Oakland & driving down College going toward Berkeley, it will be on your right side. Start looking for it after you pass the BART. It's across the street from 1 baby store on one side & another baby store on the other. It's right on the corner. Sorry, I hope you can find it.
My daughter loves pretty dance clothes so I look for them everywhere. She (now seven) especially enjoys sparkle ''jewel'' decorated or velour leotards, sparkle or colored filmy practice skirts which she likes to layer, and sparkle or fun patterned tights. Some children in her classes dress in modern dance style wear (the outfits look like spandex bicycle shorts to me), too. I have found the best prices and the most fun selection of ballet and dance clothing at Target and Mervyn's. I've also found cute dance clothes at Nordstrom's and Macalou's (located in Montclair Village). If you want traditional dance wear, there's a Capezio store on College Avenue in Oakland and a Capezio outlet at the Outlet Shops in Vacaville. But my daughter's favorites (and the ones easiest on my wallet) were purchased at Target and Mervyn's. The only problem with some of the less expensive leotards is the material can be too thin showing off the patterned panties many little girls wear. (Although once they put on tights and a skirt, that usually isn't much of a problem.)

I feel compelled to add that some teachers are picky about the way their students dress and hope you know what your niece is allowed to wear. For example, my daughter's dance teacher does not allow students to wear tutus (stiff skirts that stick out from the body) although supple skirts of any length are OK. With that exception, she's loose about everything else as long as the clothes allow comfortable movement and the students wear ballet slippers. So children come to class very individually dressed. However, some dance teachers require students to wear matching practice costumes.
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We always purchase our daughter's ballet outfits at Danskin Outlet store in Girloy. Great price and variety of selections (better quality than those at Target). They also offer a gift set which include leotard, tutu and tights with free shipping at
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there's a great dance supply store on Mission between 2nd & New Motgomery in the city. I don't know it's name, but it's right next to the Cartoon Museum. They are very nice there and have a large selection. I'm not a dancer, but i've bought workout clothes there in the past, and it makes me wish I was a dancer.
Try Target. Cute and cheap, when they have it.
Mom of former ballerina