Child-sized Vacuum Cleaner

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3/00 Lisa
Does anyone know where I can get a little kid vacuum cleaner? I've heard that they exist, and can really suck things up (must be battery operated- no plug?). My toddler LOVES the vaccum much more than I do. Thank you!

We have a cordless Hoover ($100) from Sears that actually is great for cleaning up little messes orvacuuming the whole living room. The handle telescopes up and down so its the perfect height for my son who loves to vacuum. K-mart carries several cordless vacs that may also be good, and are definitely cheaper.

What about letting your child use a dustbuster? My almost 4 y.o. likes using it and it really works. Your child might be too small though.

My daughter has a little Oreck play vacuum cleaner that is battery operated. As far as I can tell, all the batteries do is turn on the light and run some sort of fan that makes a vacumming sound. It doesn't (UNFORTUNATELY!) vacuum. But it's very cute and looks just like grandma's (who she got it from). You can get these at many Oreck stores and also off the internet at or something close to that (about $25-$30 I think). Also, ToysRUS sells a shiny red Dirt Devil play vacuum for around $20. It also looks just like the real thing, but I don't know if it actually works!

Etoys has a cleaning set that has a carpet sweeper that does work. It has the advantage of picking up stuff without making an enormous amount of noise, like a regular vacume. They also carry the Little Tikes toy vacume.