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3/00 Inbal
We are looking for child-size, real (wood/metal) garden tools (or other tools) for our toddler. Any suggestions on where to find them, new or used? Thank you!

I got my son his garden tools at Hearth Song a few years ago. I think there were some at OSH too

Try Montessori: The Joyful Child Catalog from birth to three. They have a real wheelbarrow (30.00), a 3 piece garden tool set: trowel, shovel and 3 prong child safe rake all with wood handles and metal digging parts (14.50). They also have other good child sized stuff. the catalog is 5.00 and includes some interesting montessori philosophy as well ( and while I like components of the montessori programs, I'm not a huge fan. )
The Michael Olaf Company Post Office Box 1162 Arcata, Ca 95518 (707)826-1557 1(800)429-8877

Montessori Services 877-975-3003 has great tools for woodworking and gardening. Our preschool uses then and they are quite impressive and affordable.

I posted the question about garden tools and got a few responses. Among them was a recommendation for the Michael Olaf Company. Here's their updated number: 1(888)880-9235 They sell a set of three short-handle tools for $14.50, as well as long-handle tools for about $11. Smith & Hawkins told me they have a set of about seven short-handle garden tools for $14.

I have seen Brio children's garden tools at Rockridge Kids, although the age on the package (I know, I know, they are very conservative) is something like 5+. But they are real wood and metal, and appear to be