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May 2005

Theres a growing database on which car seats fit your car... go check here - and while you're at it, add your experience to help the next parents!! new mom

We just had a similar situation to deal with and ended up getting the Britax Roundabout. We put it behind the passenger seat in a 2 door VW Fox. It required that we pull the seat all the way forward. When I got in the passenger seat, my knees touched the dashboard (I'm 5'4'') and my husband couldn't sit in the passenger seat. It was very difficult to get the baby in and out of the car, but we made it work for a while. It was irritating enough though that we ended up buying a new car. Wendy
Try this site: They have useful info about carseats and compatibility with different cars. Good luck! Cristina
I read somewhere that the stores have to let you take the carseats out to your car to try to fit it before any purchase. I'd recommend this. I have a Britax Roundabout, which is slightly smaller than the Marathon, but it's really big! I happen to love it and feel really safe with my son in it, but it's big! IT's super easy to install, but it's big! Get my drift. I'd really recommend going to a store, like Babies R Us or anywhere with car seats and trying them in your car. Then you can try to purchase it online. I found that Babies R Us had a sale and I couldn't beat the price online, so I bought the seat there. Jodi