Carseat Next to Side Door?

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Sept 2004

I have a six month old and have purchased a Britex Roundabout to install in my 2004 Volvo V70 - I would like to install it in one of the side passenger seats in back (so it's easier to get her in and out), only I'm worried about the side curtain airbags possibly interfering with the effectiveness of the carseat in a crash. I've looked all over the Britex website and haven't found anything - anyone have any experience with this? jen

I think you're right to be worried about the side airbags hurting your baby. Don't get me wrong--I think side airbags are great, especially with the way people drive around here. But I think the safest option is to suck it up and place your baby in the middle rear seat, away from airbags and actual side impacts alike. Just remember to bend with your knees and keep your back flat when you take him in or out. David