Renting a Carseat

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Where to rent a carseat for out-of-town guests

Feb 2006

I have some friends coming from England to stay for a few weeks, and am wondering if there might be somewhere to rent a car seat for the time they're here. Anybody know? Thanks! Pam

Try There are ''locations'' in major metro areas around the country and they rent all kinds of baby items (car seats, cribs, toys, etc) for reasonable rates. They drop it off (and set up if required) at your house or hotel and them come pick it up when you are done. We've used them in Hawaii, Texas, etc. and it's been great. Good luck! Kristie
I haven't heard of any rental places, but what I do when I visit other cities in the US and don't want to bring all the big stuff is buy what I need at a resale shop there and then re-sell it back to them before I leave. (Pay their full price and get about 1/2 back in cash or trade.) You could probably do the same for your friends. It winds up being about the same as a rental, I would think. Resale shops instead of hauling...
Hello, If your friends are only visiting you, why not have them bring their own carseat? They may benefit from having it on the plane as well. Otherwise, a friend may have an extra to loan you. Or, you can likely find a relatively inexpensive one at Target or a used toy store or on the UCB marketplace! Good luck
May 2003

A friend needs to rent 2 car seats for out of town guests. Any suggestions and recommended places that might rent car seats for 2 weeks? Thanks LM

Cost wise it makes sense to go to one of the many used children's stores in the area. They always have seats for $10 to $40. Good luck. fullhuis