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Tote'n Go 5 point travel vest?

June 2006

i am going to europe for the first time with my son (2years old) and i found online that the company safety first made a portable car seat called tote'n go 5 point travel vest harness is anyone know or used this product. They said it is also good for cab...like that you don't need to bring your real car seat. Thank you

We used the Tote-N-Go when we took a trip to Mexico with our (then) 18-month-old. We choose it because the only time we would need it was for cab rides. It is compact and easy to carry and I liked it because it offered at least a little bit of safety. But it really doesn't compare to a real carseat. If you are renting a car and driving around Europe I would recommend taking a nice sturdy seat or renting one there. - RK
We used one of these on a trip to Europe when our son was 18 months. It worked pretty well & was easy to pack & carry. The only problem was untangling the straps to put it on him Jennifer