Health Net's free carseat

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Sabrina 8/99 I was wondering if anyone out there has used their free infant car seat that Health Net provides its members after going through the series of prenatal classes (Evenflo brand). I received mine yesterday, but it looks so cheap and flimsy that I'm afraid to use it! Are these really safe?
susan 8/99
yes, we received and used our free evenflo carseat for our son when he was an infant. we later replaced it with a britax round a bout which is much much better and can be used both rear facing and front facing. however, we did feel the evenflo met adequate saftey requirements and was much easier for traveling than the bulkier britax which is anchored to the car. since we did a lot of traveling with our son when he was small, this was important. hope this helps. feel free to email if you have more questions. susan
Lisa 8/99
Regarding the HealthNet infant seats, we used them with our twin daughters and found they worked really well. I've seen a lot of people with them around town and haven't heard of any problems. I checked our model on the recall list just in case, but it was fine.