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  • Hi, we have a 14-month old and have decided it is time to cover our lovely wooden staircase and landing with a thick carpet that will be safer for us and for our baby when she does start climbing the stairs.  Can anyone recommend a vendor/company that has done a good job with what seems like a more complex carpeting task?  Any recommendations about carpets that are less toxic are welcome too - as I recall there is a very strong smell associated with new carpets.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    I have used Strauss Carpets in Oakland many times and have always been pleased with their selection of different types and colors of carpet as well as their installation. My contact there is Felix and he will take very good care of you. 510-612-4088. Roger

  • We are considering replacing the wall to wall carpet on our stairs and in our second story rooms (converted attic so no hardwood underneath). Any recent recommendations for both place to purchase carpet and installers (could be the same)? We'd like to find something with low-VOC (even wool if we can afford it).

    You're not going to get a better deal than Tradeways in Richmond. It's in a great old warehouse/barn of a place, historically interesting, and run by super-nice, helpful folks -- feels like a family business. The selection is large, the prices can't be beat (especially if you get a remnant), and they install.

    They gave a huge free roll of linoleum to my son when he wanted an indestructible surface for the bottom of his bunny pen. And they've made bound-off carpet rugs for us out of gorgeous remnants we picked out. Go!

    I have used Strauss Carpets in Oakland for many projects over the years and they always do a fine job. The person I call is Felix and he takes good care of me. Ask him to show you the remnants in the warehouse as the best deals are usually there. His personal number is 510-612-4088. Feel free to use my name. Best of success. Roger

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Wall-to-wall carpet and installation

April 2009

We are buying some wool carpet online from a wholesaler at a great price. Now we just need someone to install the carpet for us in our Berkeley home. It seems that all the local carpet retailers either won't install carpet that's not purchased from them, or charge an arm and a leg for it. We're looking for an experienced contractor to do this for a good price. Any recommendations? Thanks!

We were in similar situation last year. we bought a discontinued line of bamboo/coconut husk floor (from plyboo) ourself and needed someone to remove the old carpet and install with bamboo floor... Mr. Phat from PH Construction Inc. did a wonderful job for a very reasonable price. He completed the work and did a thorough clean up and removal within 2 days. Below is his contact info: Phat Nguyen 925-556-1272 phatbuilder [at] gmail.com

Jan 2009

We just got a quote for carpeting our stairwell (12 stairs) and stair landing. It came to $1997 which includes the carpet, pad, minimum installation cost, capping, working with the patterned carpet, serging, carpet freight. So, it is for all the costs. Only 25% of the cost is the actual carpet (171 square feet), so 75% is labor. Does anyone have a reliable trustworthy stairwell carpet installer? Or can anyone recommend a reasonably priced carpet place? We'd like to get another quote to compare with. It just seems $1997 for 12 stairs and a landing is too pricey. What do you think? This is with S Carpet. I've read the other reviews on the web site but they don't really address this issue. Thanks for any and all input you might have. By the way, we are wanting to carpet the stairwell because it is too slippery for my elderly father-in-law so we do need to make sure the carpet installation is done properly.

I've had great luck with Tradeway Carpet in Richmond. They're distributers of mill ends, overruns and also carry high , medium, and rental quality carpeting by the yard. They're in an old warehouse in Richmond and it's ''do it yourself'' looking for the carpet pieces if you want a great price on the aforementioned overruns, etc. (I got a darling piece from the Disney Resort years ago to do my classroom with for $115-compared to the $600. the school supply places wanted) This last time I carpeted the entire second floor of my home, the landing and about 12 stairs for $4200 for the carpet. VERY high quality stuff I ordered. Their installer did the job INCLUDING MOVING BEDROOMS OF FURNITURE for $900. Yes, I do think you might consider some options including Tradeway, which I can't recommend more highly. Susan

I use Floor Dimensions ( http://www.floordimensions.com ). I don't install carpet but do many other build outs/ updates/ small remodels... they always square me, working with them has been excellent. They just installed hollywood style carpet and pad for one of my clients, Dave the installer did an EXCELLENT job. They also supply me with various linoleum and bound area rug options... and if you order something that's in their warehouse... you can save some $$ good luck with that. oren

May 2006

We just had a very unprofessional experience with The Floor Store in Richmond. We purchased a remnant to be installed and two days later when they were suppose to install it we found out they actually sold the remnant to someone else without notifying us. Their customer service was unsatisfactory around this so I am letting folks know that I would NEVER go back to this store for any carpet needs. Fran

January 2005

Hi, I just went to a major carpet store, selected a carpet I really like, only to be quoted an outrageous amont to have it installed! Can anyone reccommend an independent carpet installer who charges reasonable rates but does a good job? Also, would I delegate that person to buy the carpet, or should I buy it directly? Could there be a warehouse when I can find the same carpet for a better price? I am not sure how to go about doing this. Thank you, Laura

For Laura who complained about the outrageous cost of carpet installation, you should ask what installation means to that company. We've found that sometimes costs like underlayment (sandwiched between the sub-floor and the flooring or carpeting) have been folded into the installation costs. I don't consider this a dishonest practice -- the underlayment may well be necessary to install the carpet -- but it leads to confusion. Ask them to break down this cost and see if it makes more sense. Letitia

Nov 2004

Wanting advice on the idea of putting carpet over our hardwood floors in the bedrooms. About to have a second baby and hoping this will keep the house quieter and warmer. Any experience with this? Will it help muffle all the creaks in our old floors? Any suggestions on where to get the carpet? Anything specific to do to protect hardwood floors? Thanks for any advice!

Most carpets are full of formaldehyde. It is very toxic, and it is at its worst when the carpet is less than a year old. It is a very bad idea to put a new carpet in when you are expecting a baby. Unless you get a non-toxic carpet, like those at Nirvana Safe Haven. http://www.nontoxic.com/purewoolcarpets/whattoavoid.html I have never done any business with this company, and don't know anything about them, except what is on their website. Sally

I checked out most or all of the carpet sellers recommended in our postings, and a couple of others besides, and found Tradeway in Richmond to be the best. They sold me carpet and vinyl and recommended an installer. Not only were prices the best: they had the largest selection of remnants, though I ended up buying cut pieces for the carpet. When my preferred installer was busy and would not specify a time, the salesman, Rich, got him on the job the following day. Rich also took back the padding and refunded the purchase price when it turned out I did not need it, and declined my offer of a re-stocking charge. Tradeway, 350 Carlson Blvd., near Cutting, 233-3350.
in-law landlord

Sept 2004

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reasonably priced, decent quality wall-to-wall commercial carpet install? leelou

Dick's Carpet just off Hegenburger in Oakland has a huge selection of all types of carpet and other floor coverings. They have some new and lots of remenents (sp?. The staff is helpful and the prices great. They can also install and I found them to be quick and good. anon

May 2004

We would like to put wall-to-wall in a playroom and on the stairs that lead to the playroom. We would love a recommendation from someone who has worked recently with a carpet ''store'' in the Richmond/Albany area. We are looking for great service, price and quality...isn't everyone! Thanks for any suggestions, Wendy

We just recently had our carpets re-done and, like you, were looking for good quality, excellent work, and reasonable prices! We found all three of those things through Straus Carpets located in Okaland. They sent a ''sales guy''- he didn't really push anything on us, just recommended some different syles that would suit our needs- within 24 hours of our calling them, we had a quote in hand by the end of that vist, the installers came two days later, installed our carpets and the carpets in our downstairts rental and it took them just about 3/4 of the day to do it. They were professional, fast and tidy. And we paid exactly what the quote said. I can not recommend them enough. We will never look for another carpet installer again! Their phone number is 428-2828. Good Luck! Jessica

Nov 1999

I need a recommendation for a good, cheap source for buying wall-to-wall carpeting

Call Home Depot in Emeryville, which has a large carpeting department with a huge range of carpets (and prices). Ask for Pasquale Mariniello, who is a very nice salesman in the department. 601-9400

I did have Anderson Carpet install some industrial carpeting in hallways at an apartment building I manage. They did an excellent job in terms of delivering what they promised and in the work itself (edging work at the doors to people's apartments, corners and angles all smooth and seams are hidden). I also had them clean the carpets last month and they did an amazing job at stain removal. I found them very pleasant to deal with. I had one other quote on the carpet installation (from Carpet One) that was outrageous. I also preferred doing business with someone from Oakland since I live here. Kathy