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Recommendation on where to print business cards?

Nov 2012

Can you recommend a place where I can print business cards, better than the typical Kinkos? I am not looking for something super precious, but I do want a heavier card stock, something like a water color paper. I'm looking for a small run, a nice feel when it is done, but wont break the bank. I already have the layout and design done; its just paper and printing. Help a new entrepreneur who is also kind of into art and aesthetic. Thanks! New Entrepreneur

I have been using PS Print in Oakland for years for biz cards for myself and my small business. They're fast, affordable and are even running a sale right now. It's especially affordable if you pick up in person. www.psprint.com Sarah
I love Gilman Street Press http://gilmanpress.com/ I just had my business cards done there and am SO glad to have them instead of previous online services (tinyprints, vistaprint,etc). You can pick your cardstock. They special ordered mine for me. Price was actually much better than what I had paid on tinyprints for better quality cards than tinyprints (real printing press as opposed to laser printer; ability to choose from so many different stocks, special order, etc). The owners were very friendly and helpful. Nice to support a local artisan/business, too. anon
I recommend Vista Print (online). Their regular prices are good and they frequently have special deals. You can design your own card or use their templates. You can choose the weight of the people. The customer support by phone is pretty good. They also have ability to create rack cards and pamphlets etc. Ilene
I really like the business cards I got at moo.com. I uploaded my design and picked out fonts, spacing, etc. and they came in the mail a week later. Very inexpensive and very high quality paper and inks. Ginger
Try Mercurio Brothers on San Pablo near Ashby, they are reliable and not expensive. A Long-time customer
Try Minuteman Press in Berkeley. Full disclosure: I have a relative who works there, but still a great place for business cards. It's easy to go to their website http://www.e-minutemanpress.com/, click on Request a quote, and attach your file. The cheapest is the $29.95 'design and buy online' option using their templates, but their custom prices are competitive too. Also... They're a small company employing local people (yes, part of a larger franchise, but it operates like a small company), have a local presence in Berkeley (on 5th where it dead-ends by the skate park and soccer field, across a foot bridge from UC Village), sales tax is paid in Berkeley, and they definitely give back to the community.

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Business cards printed online?

Oct 2007

I'd appreciate suggestions for a great place to get business cards printed online. I'm a freelance journalist and don't have a logo, so I'd especially like to find a good quality printed card that could just stand alone with text. Ideally it's somewhere that has a few templates I could draw from, uses recycled paper and makes it easy to order in small quantities. And, of course, price is significant. I realize I might not get everything on my wish list, so please, tell me where you've been happy getting your cards printed! Thanks. Rachel

Vista Print is fantastic. I've done my business card and brochure through them and their interface is very easy to use: www.vistaprint.com. Dana
I use Vista Print for my bus. cards. They're very inexpensive and do a good job. They have MANY designs for different categories that you can choose from or you can send them your own design. Good luck self employed
I've used 123Prints.com, they have zillion styles to choose from. I, too, didnt' have a logo and just wanted something plain which I was able to find -- though it takes some scrolling around to see everything. They also do very small print runs for what I consider to be a low price. I think I ordered 100 cards to start, and it was around $30 or so. Turn around time was very, very fast as well. Anon
I've worked with three online business card printing sites (I'm a graphic designer, so I order a lot of cards for my clients) that will come pretty close to what you want:

1. ECOFRIENDLY GreenerPrinter (aka Tulip Printing - www.greenerprinter.com) uses recycled paper and eco-friendly inks. Their prices are slightly higher than elsewhere, but not much. They offer blank templates for Adobe Illustrator, but not pre-done looks that you just plug your data into. You order online, but since they're local (Berkeley) you can pick it up to save shipping costs, if you want.

2. LOW COST NoNeg Press (aka Hot Gloss - www.business-card.com) has a good combination of low price and good quality. You have to order a minimum of 1000, but that starts at $40. They offer a do-it-yourself business card tool with thousands of templates (of varying degrees of professionalism).

3. EASY VistaPrint (www.vistaprint.com) offers a bunch of online templates you can fill in and get 250 cards printed *free*, or you can pay $20 and choose from more templates -- many of which are pretty good from a design standpoint. (You can also upload your own designs.) I think their templates are better than NoNeg, but the print quality may be slightly lower (but still decent). My 2 Cents

I recommend using vistaprint.com. I recently created a business card, stationary, envelopes, etc. through them; I am very happy with the results. They have many templates that you can choose from; the templates can be customized and if you need additional help they have someone you can call. I felt the prices were reasonable too. Good luck! Andrea
www.overnightprints.com .... really cheap for small quantities, great quality. i've used them for 3+years to do my business cards and postcards. they do have stock designs and a ''design on-line'' feature, as well as uploading your own design. only warning: it's only ''overnight'' if you pay for priority printing+overnight shipping. otherwise, it's 7-14 days. anon
I use overnight prints for my small business. They are able to print small quantities (as low as 100). The quality has been fabulous and delivery is not too bad. Sometimes they have some special deals happening. Vonnie

Printer for business cards and brochures

Jan 2006

The archives are pretty old on this topic, so thought I'd ask for recent recommendations for print shops that do buiness-type forms (card, stationary, etc) with good quality and reasonable cost. I have had everything designed, and am needing someone to print 4-color pieces, ideally having environmentally friendly paper and inks as options. Any suggestions? Would prefer to use someone local, if possible. updating my look

Try greenerprinter.com. Jodi
Chek out www.psprint.com PS Print is online, but they are based/print in Oakland, so you can pick up your order there. From what I recall, they have envrionmentally conscious options for most of their products. Elizabeth
I'm a graphic designer, so I've worked with a number of printers and all kinds of projects. If price is your top concern, I think online sources (eg, business-card.com, which I've used with good results - they do more than just business cards) are going to be the most cost-effective way to get 4-color printing done. If you really want to go local, though, you can't beat the folks at Rockridge Printing on College Ave (510-653-7414) - they are professional, friendly and competitively priced. JP

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