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Bubble bath for child with eczema?

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Oct 2003

My daughter has mild but persistent eczema behind her knees, and bubble bath seems to make it worse. Does anyone know of a moisturizing bubble bath that won't dry out her skin and aggravate her eczema? Many thanks. Dana

My 7 month old has eczema on her torso and arms. I've found two products that really help. The brand name of these products is Gentle Naturals, by Baby Orajel. They can be found in the Baby aisle of your grocery store (with the baby food, formula, etc). The first is Eczema Baby Wash which leaves her skin clean and VERY soft. Then I use the Baby Eczema cream (instead of regular baby lotion, which can be drying). Using these together has really helped to clear up her eczema. Hope this helps! Danielle
My son has had persistent excema, and I eventually took him to a dermatologist because it would not go away. The advice he gave me was to use water only in baths. He did say that if I felt I really needed to make the water soapy, I should use Dove soap. I have also used a soap that I believe is called ''gentle naturals.'' It's made by Baby Orajel and is in a green bottle with the other major brand baby products. It's specifically formulated for excema and seems to work well. Good luck! Kristin
We use Happy Kidz Bath Bubbles, made by Clearly Natural-got it at Elephant, I think. We also use Gentle Naturals Exzema Baby Wash made by Orajel, believe it or not. My daughter has had pretty good luck with her eczema with these. dlewites
I had bad eczema throughout my childhood, and still fight off dry, itchy skin. I learned to always avoid - especially in the winter - soap products, which are too harsh and drying and will only exacerbate eczema. Instead I use ''non-soap''. Several brands produce non-soap cleansers, like Purpose, Aveeno, Basis. Just read the label. I don't know if any of those brands make bubble-bath, but my point is that you should read the labels of any bubble-bath products and look for one that is a non-soap cleanser. joanna
Try a bubble bath for children sold by Melaleuca, the Wellness Company. They also have a fabulous lotion called Renew that seems to help clear up many skin conditions. A high quality of Melaleuca oil is used in many of their products, including their laundry products. Commercial products may exacerbate the exzema. Look online at www.melaleuca.com and contact me if I can help you. I represent the company but don't sell anything. lfraley
I don't know of a bubble bath, but you can try mixing whatever bubble bath you use with Aveno bath mix. My mom used to put it in all the tubs I took and it helped to relieve my excema very well. It might help combat whatever drying the bubble bath is doing. Karen
My daughter and husband have had some mild excema and this is what I have found out and found to be true for my family. Bubble bath is a no no. Most soaps are irritating to excema - the best soap to buy is Dove! Equally important, heat is irritating - not only weather but also hot water. We now keep our daughter's baths cooler and she only uses Dove and we haven't seen any signs of excema in months. There are some creams for excema that you put on post bath - we tried those as well but just don't need them anymore. Stress also seems to make excema flare up. Good luck. Betsy
Our son also experienced rashes with most bath soaps, even those that seemed more ''natural'' than the baby-oriented liquids. We've had great luck with Aveeno products, which are easy to find. We also have had luck with Dr. Bonner's baby soap. Neither one that we use is great at bubbles [the Aveeno is better], but at leat he's not breaking out after bathtime. -Jean