Where to Buy Branston Pickle

Archived Q&A and Reviews

June 2004

My husband likes a British condiment called Branston Pickle. We used to buy it at Berkeley Bowl, but they've stopped carrying it, and we've also struck out at Andronico's (Shattuck @ Cedar) and Monterey Market. Any other transplanted Brits out there who have located this debatably-delectable substance in a Berkeley-area store? Nomi

They carry this at Village Market on Broadway Terrace, and I'm pretty sure at Piedmont Market on Piedmont Ave, too. Other than that, there are lots of British food sites on the net that sell it. Ellen

This is a good opportunity to say what Andronicos did for us. There is a particular product we like, not carried anywhere in our area.* I filled out the ''special request'' forms at Albertsons and Safeway; no reply. I filled out the 'special request'' form at Andronicos, and the next morning they called, said, ''Yes, we can get that for you. Which store would you like to carry it?'' That was a year ago, and they continue to stock the item. Now that's service. I bet they'll do it with the Branston pickles, too.

* Hardly matters, for this story, but for the record, it was the 2-liter bottle of A diet cream soda, which you'll find in the Solano Ave. store. John

Oh, yum, nothing in this world like a toasted branston pickle and cheese melt. Couldn't live without it. Get thee to The Junket for this and other European delicacies. It's in El Cerrito Plaza, almost nextdoor to Trader Joe's. Not cheap, but they have some great stuff. Christine

I can't tell you where to get Branston Pickle in the East Bay, but I know they carry it at Cheese Boutique, 666 Chenery in Glen Park in SF (phone 415-333-3390). They carry other British imports there too. So there's an option if you can't find it closer to home. Kate (another transplanted Brit)

try Piedmont grocery on Piedmont Ave. I've seen alot of British food there, but I'm not sure about the Branston Pickle. Lori

Cost Plus World Market will have it as well as many other Brit delights including HP sauce, Branston Pickle, Heinz Beans, Spotted Dick, Ravioli, Spaghetti, Tomato Soup, Cadbury Sweets, PG Tips tea, Haywards Picalilli and others. Locations in Jack London Square, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Vallejo, Napa, Fairfield. Anon