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Tandem bike for tall husband and tall 5-year-old

Dec 2005

I am looking for recommendations for a tandem bicycle for my tall (6'3'') husband and tall (4') son (5 years old). I am contemplating getting one as an xmas present, but know nothing about them. Any recommendations or advice would be welcome.

My husband bought a tandem about a year ago. He bought one used because he said it would be the best way to find out what he really wanted. New tandems are expensive but there are a lot of used tandems on the market. There is a type of seat extender(?) for children so the difference in height between your son and husband shouldn't be an issue. My bottom line advice is to figure out what you want to spend (check out Craig's list for ball-park figures) and give your husband a ''good-for'' so he can pick out what he wants. People who ride a lot really want to choose their own bike. Fran