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MoonSaddle, or better bicycle seat?

Feb 2012

I haven't been on my bike for years, due to sensitivity in the female nether regions. But, I miss cycling, and I started a web search for solutions that go beyond the regular bike seat. I came across something called a MoonSaddle and got intrigued. Does anyone have any experience with this to comment on it? Don't you just fall off with nothing to grab with your legs? Or, can anyone recommend a seat with the cut out middle - or tell me if this makes any difference? Thanks. Wanting to ride again

I have a seat with the hole out in the middle. It's so old the brand has worn off, but I'd highly recommend this style! I find it super uncomfortable to ride with a 'normal' seat now. It really does take off the pressure and make me more comfortable. Biker

I haven't tried the MoonSaddle, but I would worry how stable you would be on a saddle without a nose. However, I can tell you from personal experience that a cut out makes a big difference. I have used the Pave Saddle ( for years, and I love it. Long time user of cutout seat