Organic Baby Food

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    Organic Baby Food


    My 5 month old daughter will be ready to start on solid foods in a month or so, and I was wondering about the availability of organically grown baby cereals. Thanks. Elizabeth

    Earth's Best makes baby cereals, and I used their rice cereal when I first started feeding my daughter. I bought mine at Whole Foods. Hilary

    Berkeley Natural Foods on Gilman, Whole Foods, Wild Oats and others have organic baby cereal. I forget the name of the maker, but there is an easy one to start off on and then a more filling one for an older baby. They also make great organic jarred fruits, veggies, and meats for later. Melissa

    I used Earth's Best rice cereal, which is organic, but later switched to Baby Kashi, which isn't organic, but seems healthy and much more flavorful. Both can be found in health food stores and Whole Foods Market. Kristina

    Though I'm out of the baby cereal stages I remember El Cerrito and Berkeley Natural Groceries carried brands of organic baby cereal. I imagine Whole Foods and Berkeley Bowl would too. June

    We use only organic baby food. Earth's Best seems the most available. I have found that Webvan and Albertson's have the best prices - I shop both as they each carry different flavors and varieties. Lisa