Where to Find Alphabet Pasta

Archived Q&A and Reviews


May 1998

Alphabet pasta can be found in the Mexican food section of Lucky's in Montclair. I have no idea why it is in this ethnic part of the store and not with the rest of the pasta, but I purchase it for my kids all the time and it is always in this section between the peppers and the pinto beans. Kathleen

Lucky carries a brand called Gamesa in the international food section, it is a product from Mexico. My almost-two-year-old loves it in his soup. I use a can of tomatoes, a bullion cube, diced onion, and grated carrot. This is one sure way he gets vegetables. 

Alphabet Pasta, find it at Lucca's deli. They usually have it. There's a Lucca on Telegraph in north Oakland I think, (also SF Marina on Chestnut, even one in Castro Valley on CV Blvd.) Allison

Whole Foods carries pasta in the shape of the letters of the alphabet. It's Eden Organic Vegetable Alphabets and it comes in 16 oz. packages. I think some of the other natural food stores have it too.  Elizabeth and Lucy and Dawn 

Alphabet Pasta: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese has an alphabet version (you don't have to use the day-glo orange powder!) DL 

Trader Joe's has pasta in a lot of fun shapes -- hearts, basketballs, etc. I don't know if they have letters and numbers specifically, but if you are just looking for fun shapes, you might want to try there! Wendy

you can get pasta in the shape of the letters of the alphabet at the grocery store. Most stores sell small packages or boxes of tiny pasta in the shape of letters. They are usually on a higher shelf than regular pasta. I believe I've also seen these shapes in bulk at Berkeley Bowl. I think the Bowl also has packages. Debbie