Tub Tints

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October 2001

A friend gave us a three-pack of Tub Tints (little pellets you put in the bathtub to color the water), and we've finally run out. Does anyone know where I can buy more? I found a different brand that is not nearly as good (much more expensive, fewer pellets per package and they are all gummed together with the cotton stuffing) at Rockridge Kids - what I want are the Tub Tints brand (and they are pellets, not paint). Thanks!!! FR

Hi, We usually resupply from Target, which is a pain since they sometimes don't have them and often put them in the playdough section rather than the bath section, but at least they have them. I also found them once online, but for a lot more money. Dominic
I buy them at Albertsons (the super store with Sav On Drugs, but I live in Fremont). They have them all the time, but seem to stock up more so around the holidays. I've also seen them at Raley's. They are not that expensive. Marianne
Try Target. They are in the toy section. I do not remember exactly where, but it is not intuitive (i.e., bath toys). For some reason I think that they may be near the playdough. Good luck. Gail Gail
You can get them at Toys R Us, although I recently stocked up at Mr. Mopps in Berkeley. They had red, yellow and blue, about $6 a big plastic box. lynn
Amazon has them! They have a package with all three colors for $9.99. Just type Tub Tints into the search box. Terri
I bought some from Imaginarium, the new toy store in Lafayette, on Mt. Diablo Blvd. But most recently I spotted them at Target Richa
I have seen the Tub Tint pellets at Target. You might also check Toys R Us as I think I might have seen them there, too. Good luck! CWilson
Tub Tints are definitely worth looking for! I've found them at Mr. Mopps, a Child's Place at the top of Solano and sometimes at Target in El Cerrito. Good luck Julie
I have bought them at Sweet Dreams on College in the past; I think they still have them. Good luck! Pam
Try the Ark (a new toy store on 4th St. in Berkeley). I know their SF store stocks them. Leah
For person wanting to know where to buy Tub Tints. We have bought these at a store on Piedmont Avenue, I believe it's called Surprise. It's on the south side of the street just below the library - on a southwest corner, but I'm not sure of the cross street. They don't always have them, and sometimes they only have some colors. It might be good to call to be sure they have them. Susan
Target. Also the newer Sweet Dreams store on College has packages of little ones. But the bigger ones you can get at Target are much better. Amy
I've actually seen Tub Tints at Target, in the kids toys/crafts section. Pretty sure they also have them at Hannah's at the top of Solano. -Sima