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  • Recommendations for backyard trampoline?

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    We are looking to get a backyard trampoline and I'd love advice from anyone who has purchased one. There seems to be one brand that is much safer and exponentially more expensive. Has anyone researched trampolines in the $300-500 range and found good options that are more-or-less safe and sturdy? 

    We bought ours from Sears, it was about $200 almost 3 years ago. The side buffer thingy needed replacement at about the 2 year point, maybe a more expensive one would have all the parts last longer. You can easily add a trampoline to your homeowner's insurance, we did and it was no problem and no increase (they require it be staked down).

    Please check with your insurance company to see if they even allow trampolines.  Often people buy them and then find out that they are uninsured against any injuries.

    This comes from my husband:

    I did a fair amount of research and settled on Skywalker trampoline as the best brand in our price range. Then I looked for deals, and got a good price on Just make sure you buy the safety net with the trampoline. Also, on most of them, you have to buy the ladder separately. For smaller kids you will need a ladder.

    Kim, mom of two jumpers

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Springfree Trampoline

May 2014

I'm considering buying a spring-free trampoline. My kids are 11 and 7 and I want something fun that will get them outside and be something they will use for several years. It looks great, but I'm wondering if it's worth the money. I'm afraid of regular trampolines, so this looks pretty safe. Any words of wisdom, or regret? I'd probably have to find someone to set it up for me. you can see it here:
love to jump

I haven't used the springfree trampoline, but based on this review by a 3rd party, I wouldn't buy it: Jumper


You didn't get any responses from Springfree trampoline owners last time, so I will chime in with our experience.

We absolutely LOVE our trampoline. We have had it for about a year now and it continues to be used daily. Our kids, 8 and 11, spend time on the trampoline alone and together, and with friends.

We feel comfortable that the trampoline is about as safe as a trampoline can be. My kids really work this thing hard, flipping, playing basketball, wrestling and generally acting crazy. They fly into the side nets regularly, and I've never seen anything along the lines of what was shown in the review video. Perhaps that happens when a full size adult purposely tries to make it happen, but I don't think that's likely in normal use.

The only (very minor) injury we've had in a year of heavy use was someone stepping awkwardly off of the trampoline and twisting an ankle. The trampoline comes with a little ladder but in our yard the position is slightly awkward and the bad placement caused the slip.

More than a place to jump,the trampoline has become a place to play and hang out. It serves the purpose you might imagine a gymnastic mat serving. Our kids sometimes just lie on it and daydream.

The trampoline gets our kids outside and has totally reinvigorated our yard use. It's also a great way to convince other friends to come over (I always wanted to be the house where everyone hangs out :)).

A bit of practical advice:

* we paid to have the trampoline installation done for us. It looks like pretty hard work and I think it was money well spent.

* the basketball attachment gets a lot of use in our experience

* be mindful of the guidelines for space around the trampoline - our yard technically isn't big enough and it would be better to have more clear space around it. That said, we're happy we got the 8x13 size for two kids.

* be aware that the trampoline sits up high and this might be an issue for neighbors. In our case we needed to hang up a curtain, and eventually get a trellis to block the view because seeing our kids' heads bouncing all the time right above their fence was getting bothersome to the neighbors.

* we are strict with our kids about closing the zipper and they always do it.

* be sure to get in touch with your home insurance and make sure trampolines are covered. I've heard this can be an issue but we had no problem (State Farm).

We absolutely do not regret this purchase! Lightfoot and fancy free

I haven't used the springfree trampoline, but based on this review by a 3rd party, I wouldn't buy it: Jumper

Me Again:

I have recently been researching Springfree Trampolines because the kids aren't using the fort and swings so much anymore and their music teacher has one they use before and after lessons. That video is a review by a 3rd party -- but that third party represents trampoline makers who are a little freaked out by a new trampoline design. They have a website, video, and written reviews about how terrible their competition is.

I'm not getting one -- they're crazy expensive and my husband is opposed to trampolines due to safety concerns. How many of those concerns have been addressed since the no-net, gaps on the edges, wobbly ones that hurt so many kids 20 years ago? I don't know. I'd love to find someone who is independent and compares springfree to regular trampolines with a net and answers the question -- are any of them safe enough to consider? But the 'trampoline safety' group is made up of trampoline manufacturers. If anyone (I'd love to hear from an ER nurse!) has insight, please post it. My kids would love to jump

I'd buy a regular trampoline with a safety net and pad to cover the springs. We've had one for years and only one minor injury from a kid doing a backflip and landing wrong (but spingfree wouldn't have made a difference) Never had anyone land on the springs since they're under a foam pad. Great fun and great exericise. TC

12 foot trampoline recommendation?

March 2013

We are seriously considering buying a 12 foot trampoline for our backyard. Our kids are 6 and 9. We would be setting it up on a large brick patio. I'm hoping for recommendations on decent quality trampolines and where to buy them. So far I have been looking on Amazon but can't tell which are the good ones. Advice on the set-up/installation is also appreciated. Thanks a lot!

We bought a 12' Jumpsport trampoline online about six or seven years ago when our kids were the same age as yours are now. It was the best toy purchase ever! Although it is sold separately, you must get the surround net for safety. Enjoy! Happy Jumpers

Trampoline for 11 year old

December 2001

I am considering getting my 11 year old son a trampoline for Christmas. I'd like to know if anyone knows of trampoline lessons in this area. Also, has anyone had any experiences (good or bad) with the net enclosures that are supposed to make trampolines safer (sinking the trampoline is not an option in our yard). And, last but not least, can anyone recommend a good place to buy a trampoline. Thanks

Re: the inquiry on trampolines, we bought a Hedstrom trampoline (14') w/ the net enclosure in June 2001. Our 3-yr-old and 6-yr-old boys have gotten a lot of use out of it and really enjoy it. Safety-wise, the net enclosure is the way to go, since it is impossible for anyone to bounce out or off of the trampoline. And despite its size, it's possible for two adults to pick up the trampoline and move it (although with three people it is even easier). I can't recall the manufacturer's suggested retail price on the Hedstrom 14', but we looked pretty aggressively online and found the best price on the Web site of MTM Toys Plus. The cost back in June was $395, plus $90 shipping (with no CA sales tax, as I recall). MTM Toys Plus can be found at: Pls. note that this trampoline is delivered on a pallet by a large truck. If you purchase from MTM, it would be wise to discuss delivery to your home. And needless to say, it comes disassembled and will take several hours and some patience to put it together. If you end up buying this trampoline, I am confident your child and his or her friends will enjoy it. P. G.

My sister and brother-in-law got their full-size trampoline (with base) from Costco. They stock them in the summer, I believe. It was a good deal (somewhere in $200-400), and has really stood up. High quality, I believe. But boy, is it tiring! :) -Jennie