Hand-Made Paper

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October 2001

Does anyone know where I can purchase a large sheet of thick (about 3 1/2 ft long and 2 1/2 ft high) paper that is attractive? Not construction paper. I've already checked on 4th street (not the right colors, looking for a brownish salmon color... and too expensive). I wish to cover up a half-circle window in my son's room and taped up grocery bags are getting alittle old. Thanks in advance Susan

Amsterdam Art on University Ave. in Berkeley has the largest selection of papers around, and the people working there are really knowledgeable You should have no problem finding something there! Lauren
Try Amsterdam Art on University Ave., Berkeley. Lissa
Why not get some grocery bags without writing and let your son decorate them? When we had to get vinyl window shades instead of curtains (dust mite allergy), my then-kindergarten son decorated them. Now, six years later, they are still a source of pride and comfort. (I was planning to have him do new ones as he got older, but he won't part with these.) Maybe your son will end up with an inexpensive, easily replaceable memory, too. Wendy
For a great selection of all types of paper try Flax in SF (on Market nr. Gough). Its an art store and they have the most amazing paper collection I've ever seen. Granted, its a trek but may be worth it. Hilary
Amsterdam Art in Berkeley has the best paper department I have ever seen. They have lots of printmaking, exotic, handmade and basic papers and are located on University Ave in Berkeley. You can surely find a lot of options there. cheryl
Flax in San Francisco is a large art supply store and they have tons and tons of different types of papers. I'm sure you'd find something there. You might even want to check out other local art supply stores on this side of the bay too. Nancy
try Amsterdam Art on University. They have a great selection of papers. Leah