Archived Q&A and Reviews

May 2002

I'm thinking about buying a juice extractor and am interested in hearing any opinions on which one to buy (or which ones to avoid). What should I look for when buying one, and what is the difference between an $80 and $200 extractor? What about the KitchenAid Dual Function Juicer /Juice Extractor model #KJE500WH? Thanks! Melissa p

My officemate makes and drinks gallons of homemade juice a week. He has an $80 version -- JuiceMan Jr, and a $200 version - - JuiceMan II. He says the smaller one is fine if you don't need larger capacity; and the smaller one needs to be broken down and cleaned more often; and the larger one runs more quietly. Liz

There's a great range of juicers on the market. Some juice citrus fruit, others carrots and apples, others wheat grass and spinach. Some do it all. In each case, you get what you pay for. The people at this site, Juicers for Less, know a lot and can give you suggestions based on the type of juicing you want to do. They have a toll-free number, 888-392-9237. It's one of the cheapest places to get juicers on the Web. http://www.juicersforless.com/ Enjoy! Bay

I did quite a bit of research into juicers and ended up buying a Green Power juice extractor. I think it is called Green Power, I haven't used it in two years so I have forgotten what the brand was. The twin gear press retains a little more of the vitamins, etc., than the mastication process utilized by many of the other juicers. The twin gear press is very easy to use and is very durable however the clean up is a nightmare. It takes so long to clean all the parts that I regret having bought this type of juice extractor. Next time I will opt for a tiny bit more vitamin loss and go for something that is easier to clean. Also, from talking with people who juice, the consensus was that in the case of juicers - you can equate quality with price. Nancy

I have a Champion Juicer and I really love it. They're expensive but indestructable. I've had it for several years and it just keeps on going. You can make juice, you can put frozen fruit in to make ''sorbet''....just change attachments. The Champion Juicer has a long attachment part where the pulp comes out. This way you can make as much juice as you want because there is no container to hold the pulp. I attach a plastic bag to the end so the pulp goes into the bag and then into compost. I've had cheaper juicers and they don't hold as much pulp so you can't make a lot of juice at once. For my use it's worth the expense for a better quality juicer that will do a bigger job and last longer. Good luck. June