Archived Responses: 

From: Letitia (2/99)

We had the cool mist type of humidifier for a while; it's safer than hot steam for obvious reasons. I bought it at some standard five-&-dime like Walgreen's. However, when I realized that it was time to clean it, I discovered that it was absolutely impossible to get into the works to do so. Even using a screwdriver to separate as much of the parts as I could (without actually taking the motor apart) and using pipe cleaners, there was still a horrible guckiness that I couldn't reach. This guck was being transformed into the mist that was supposedly keeping us all moist and healthy! Yuck!! I threw it away. Whatever you buy, make sure it can be cleaned.

From: Diane (2/99)

We bought our humidifier from Cotsco. It's a Kaz brand. It's a cool mist humidifier and it works great. It's easy to clean and change filters. I can also add some essential oil into the water and it doesn't affect the humidifier at all. The best thing is, it's quiet!! We had originally bought another brand for my son's small room. It was really cheap, less than $10. But it was so noisy so we finally gave in and threw it out and got the Kaz from Costco again. They sell it in the pharmacy for around $30. But I noticed they were selling another brand in the main warehouse for around $50. It's by the air filters