Baby Food Grinders

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Cherri 7/99
Is there any recommendation for baby food grinder? My specific questions are: does it worth your $$ to buy one? (we do go out a lot in weekends.) Any brand/model you've used and feel satisfied? Most importantly where to get such one? The only model I've seen recently is happy baby grinder via mail order. Is there any recommendation regarding this model?

Fran 7/99
My parents bought us a mini food processor/juicer for our baby's food and we never used it. We always found regular foods that a baby could eat without problems. It sat in its box unassembled for 5 years, until one day I suddenly needed to grate many cups of carrots. I use the food processor pretty regularly now so I'm glad we have it. I can't remember the brand name, but it's a well-known brand (Not Oster. A French company?) with a good motor, and relatively inexpensive at places like Cosco.

We bought a mini food processor for approx $14.00 from Target. As we did not ever buy baby food we used this to prepare all her meals. At 17 months old we are still using it to grind meats. The brand is Proctor Silex.

Greg 7/99
Is the grinder you mention the pair of sort of nested tubes with a crank handle on top? Probably white plastic? That's the one I saw in all the catalogs & stores when our daughter was young; we had one & it worked just fine. It's also groovy to throw a yam or two or a bunch of peas in a blender, and then put the resulting mush in ice cube trays & freeze 'em. Quick to thaw in the microwave. Even organic veggies can be much cheaper than individually packaged, conventional baby food when done this way!