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A Good Gas Grill

June 2004

I am going to buy a gas grill for my husband for his birthday. I know he wants a stainless steel grill with a side burner and an exterior temperature gauge. I'm considering the Weber Gold C, a Kenmore and I've even heard of one called Front Avenue sold a Costco. Any thougts on these or other grills? I'd like to keep the price under $600 and I want a good product that will last. Thanks. Alicia

Check out the June 2004 issue of Consumer Reports for ratings of gas grills, available at your local public library for free or online for a fee.
Both Consumers Reports and Cooks Illustrated have recently reviewed gas grills. I can't recall their conclusions, but I'd trust either of them as recommenders. Wendy
We love our Weber. They're pricey, but everyone I asked for recommendations said the same thing. We had a weber Genesis Silver B or something like that, which is a step down from the Gold that you're looking at. For under $600 (which isn't exactly skimping) that' sprobably a good deal. It's easy to use, stainless steel lasts better, the heat is good. WE cook all the time on it. If you want to go just one step higher, you can chekc out the Summit Silver B, which we just bought (and donated our Genesis to the in-laws' cabin!). THe difference witht he one we just bought is that we now will have a side burner (which you'll have in the Genesis Gold), and there are 4 jets, each perpendicular to the grill, and each separately controllable. My husband was very excited about this, because that way he can do, eg, veggies on one side of the grill and meat on the other. It's harder with three long jets to separate the heat. But is that worth an extra $300-400? I don't know, depends on how much cooking you plan to do on it... For us, the side burner is also critical, because we have to run back through the garage to go upstairs to get anything we're not cooking on the grill. For me, considering how happily my husband cooks on the grill, the new grill was worth the extra bucks--plus, his birthday and fathers day coincided with all the sales, so I don't have to think about that either! And just FYI, bbq's seem to all go on sale for the major summer holidays: mem day, fathers day, July 4th. If that helps. But the higher end grills don't always get included. We found a 15% off coupon at OSH. You can also check Weber website for extrasbrushes, racks, drip pans, griddles, and their ''big book of grilling''. plus bbq saucees. Some of the accessories work for the Genesis series and not for the summit (who knows why). And the website is a great source: no tax, and $3 flat delivery fee. A steal! janet

George Foreman Grill

June 2002

I'm curious about this product and wondering if it will make it any easier to get dinner on the table. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has one and likes or doesn't like it. Thanks. Nancy

I LOVE my GF grill! However, I wish I bought a smaller size (I have the largest) since it would be easier to take in and out of the cabinet and clean after use. I would probably use it every day if it were smaller. I have made fish, vegetables, steak and hamburgers. All perfect and easy. Unless you have lots of counter space to store it, I would buy the medium or small size. Nicole
My roomate has a George Foreman Grill, and it is very easy to use and clean. We've used it to make large dinners for get togethers, but it is also really good for whipping up a quick dinner. It doesn't take very long to preheat, and the food that I've had cooked much quicker than the oven but wasn't dried out. I was skeptical at first, but it really is good for a quick chicken dinner or other quickies. anon.
I have one and LOVE it. I didn't believe my mother-in-law when she first told me that the delicious chicken she'd brought over for us just about everyday when I was on maternity leave was placed FROZEN SOLID on the grill until I tried it. It mostly works for meat, but I also make grilled cheese sandwiches. We clean ours by just wiping it down and soaping it every so often. It's a hassle to soap it down everytime you use it. Christina
We've had one for over a year and love it!! It truly does take a lot less time and all the grease drips away so it is a healthier solution than pan frying. You can get burgers, garden burgers, pork chops or steaks done in less than 15 minutes. I recommend the largest version for a family any larger than 4 people. The design is nice and it isn't too difficult to clean up. If you scrape it with the scrapers that come with it, when it is still warm the rest of the clean up is easier. Good luck! Janeen
My parents gave us one of these for Christmas, and I thought it was the dumbest thing I had ever seen. THEN, one day, several months later, we tried it out. It's great! You really can cook meat in just a few minutes, and make grilled cheese sandwhiches in one minute flat. There is nothing to clean up, either. We cook in it a lot, and it does make dinner time a lot faster and easier. Worth the money, for sure! Happy Cooker
I bought the Hamilton Beach indoor grill (similar to the George Foreman but a rectangular shape that I like better) after using it at my mother's house. We LOVE the grill and use it at least 2x per week esp. for fish - salmon, whole trout with the head on that my girls love - and chicken breasts. It has enhanced our dinner routine dramatically. I bought ours through WalMart online. Laura
I always thought this product looked silly. My inlaws got one as a gift, and I thought it was silly that they used it. Then we got it as a white elephant gift, and I have to admit I really like it. It's not as tasty as barbecuing, but it beats using the broiler because it cooks quickly and it cooks things on both sides. I've done turkey burgers, turkey dogs, steaks, grilled cheese sandwiches, melted cheese and salami sandwiches and boneless chicken breasts on it. (We just had brunch over at my inlaws' house, and they cooked sausages for 20 on it.) My only complaint is that the grilling surface is kind of small, so I would go for the new larger size grill. I'm sure you can live without this product, but it's been handy to have around. You do need to allocate some counter space to it, but it's light enough to put it away in between uses. And it's fairly easy to clean. Gwynne