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Cordless phone w/multiple handsets

April 2003

Does anyone have any experience with cordless phones that come with multiple handsets? That type of system would work great for us in our new house as the phone jack in at least one room, if not two, is not where we would like to put a phone. Any recommendations? For what it's worth, we have a wireless network at home and I understand that plays into the picture in terms of interference and/or security issues. Thanks! Lori

Hi - We have a Uniden Dual Handset phone. I like having the charger that is independent of the phone line, so I have it in another room from the base/charger. However, the one BIG drawback to us is that you can NOT talk on both handsets at the same time. If you want to transfer from one handset to the other, it works fine, but otherwise I consider that a drawback to the system. My husband and I like to both be on the phone with our children/grandchildren, so we have to use another phone in addition. One other plus is the possibility of using an ear piece and using it handsfree. This works well. Beverly

Recently tried the AT and Uniden 2.4Ghz w/two handsets @ CostCo. My wife did not like the sound of the AT, we have the Uniden now and it's fine, but we are considering a wireless network and my brother (who does market research on consumer electronics) says that wireless networks also use 2.4Ghz so they will interfere. So, I'll probably take the Uniden back.

There is good advice for these products available at and JB

I have had one for about 6 weeks that I got at Radio Shack. The main phone is in my bedroom and the auxiliary handset is out in my detached garage. So far I think it's really great. The reception on the garage phone is just as good as any other phone in the house, and I like that it is so compact. Cecelia

I felt compelled to write since we are in your exact situation and tried about 4 phone systems before we were happy. We have a wireless network too. The Vtech 5400 (good reviews) worked well interms of interference but had this digital sound so that you couldn't hear the person on the other end while you were talking. It was sort of spooky and especially while talking to someone on a cell phone, you kept worrying that the call got dropped. Then we tried Vtech 2800 (or something like that) It was horrible. Returned that too. We tried one other system too and can't remember the brand but the one we settled on which we REALLY like is Panosonic. I think it is the 2400/2800 mhz (can't remember exactly) but it is very clear, the handsets charge up quite long and we installed it onto the wall where our toddler can't reach it! Also speaker phone on all the handsets which is much more useful than it seems.

That's my rec! Happy Panosonic User