Where to Go Swimming in Marin County

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Where to go swimming in Marin

July 2003

Can anyone suggest a place to go swimming for the day in Marin? A friend from Portland will be visiting Marin soon and would like to take her sons (ages 8 and 12) swimming. Of course, there are the beaches, but she'd prefer either lakes or pools. I just don't know what's available in Marin that might be similar to what the East Bay Regional Parks offer. Thanks.

Here are a few quick suggestions for places to swim in Marin. Hope it helps!

Pools: Somewhat limited choices unless member of a club, but there are a few pools at schools: Dominican University in San Rafael has a really nice, new pool/athletic facility that non-affiliated people can use during certain hours (don't know the hours off hand).

College of Marin in Kentfield also has a big pool, but I think it may be restricted to students/faculty during the academic year. Definitely open during the summer until mid-August. Can be crowded in late afternoons on hot days, and very little shade, but otherwise not many people seem to know about it. We go there with our two kids, 4 and 1, quite often.

Drake High School in San Anselmo. never used the pool, but I know there is one with I think public programs.

McNear's Beach in China Camp State Park, San Rafael. There is both a pool and a swimming beach. Have to pay for parking and to use the pool, but it's a nice place. Great for picnics, lots of grass and playground. My husband and I had our pre-wedding party there. I think it's busy on weekends, but nice during the week.

Beaches: McNear's (see above) Drake's Beach near Pt. Reyes. Absolutely beautiful spot, with a small museum and restaurant. Water is cold, of course, as it is anywhere, but great flat sandy beach that stretches for a mile or two. We love going there, especially in winter. Gretchen

We love McNear's Beach. McNear's has swimming in both the San Pablo Bay and in a public pool. There is a nice shady lawn for a picnic, a good snack bar, a walking trail, and tennis courts. Also, you may want to try www.co.marin.ca.us for more ideas.