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  • For years I've been looking for someone local to cut my hair who gives a truly excellent cut, versus spending much of the time at the salon styling my hair (with mousse/gel, drying, etc.). I'd like a cut that looks good without requiring significant styling every day. Someone who uses few or genuinely natural products would be a bonus.

    I've tried places like Susie's Salon in Northbrae but their organic products still felt overpowering to me, and as usual the person who cut my hair spent less time on the actual cut than on the styling.

    I'd love to find an expert at cutting hair with a good eye and intuitive sense for what will work for different hair types and individuals. I also welcome creativity and am open to advice and to trying new looks. Basically I am in search of a trusted hair artist and advisor I can keep coming back to for years!

    In case it matters, I have healthy, medium thick, slightly wavy hair (currently long), which I normally get cut every 4-6 months (but now it's been over a year).

    I’ve been getting my hair cut by Megan Kelley for years. She’s at Dandelion Salon in Rockridge. I prefer low/ no maintenance styles and her haircuts are excellent. She truly listens to what you want and delivers.

    I love Ayr ( next to cheesboard) I have long wavy hair and always had trouble finding someone who would cut it well ( not style it) and she is the one. She aslo gives you an amazing head massage when she washes your hair and all for a  very reasonable charge. Her phone nr:510.837-2745. Juliane

    Was just typing MEGAN KELLEY @ Dandelion myself - so second that - we found her thru this board and are so GRATEFUL we did! She cuts both my hair and my daughters and we LOVE LOVE LOVE her. I never feel she spent time 'styling' our hair - her technique is intuitive and we always walk out feeling like we got EXACTLY the right cut! We LOVE HER!

    I have been very happy with Traci Rinella at Wood Salon on College Ave (https://www.vagaro.com/woodsalon/staff) I also have slightly wavy, medium thick hair, and the way Traci cuts it, I don't need to do any styling.

    I have the same hair type you describe and have been getting my hair cut by Melanie Shapiro for over a decade. She owns a small salon in Emeryville called Charm School (charmschool.com). I get my hair cut about twice a year. Melanie spends a lot of time on the cut and then does a simple blow dry with very little product. In fact, she does not push any particular products at all. For several years, my styling routine was to wash my hair (or leave it unwashed) and then put on a bike helmet for a 20-minute bike commute. Melanie understood my styling constraints and gave me a great cut that fit my lifestyle.

    I liked the Scarlet Salon on Telegraph. Phone(510) 280-5725. they did style with a few products but the cut is fine without more than 3 min of styling with shea moisture products (curly hair but I see people with lots of different hair there). 

    Leanne Rocha is amazing. Her email is leanneeastbaycurls [at] gmail.com. I am very low maintenance, and she cuts my my hair in a way that looks great with literally no styling (just air dry with one leave-in product). She really listens to what you want and need.

    If you’re wanting to wear your hair wavy/natural, you might consider a DevaCut provider. It’s cut dry, then styled, then trimmed for final finishing. This takes time to sit under the dryer, but it’s very focused on how you can care for your hair at home as opposed to just styling it that day. I really like my current stylist Viatrix. She offers a “DevaTrim” option once you’re established with her that cuts out the drying/recut and has worked great for me. Her website has a lot of text because she needs to approve your appointment, but she’s actually very easy to work with. https://www.hairbyviatrix.com/

    Theresa Roda at Anton Salon is a master of studying the geometry of your head and hair. Be prepared to spend at least an hour and a half. She spends 95% of her time on the cut. I suppose the drying time is "styling" but it is not fussy so I can do it myself at home.

    I've been going to Raven & Rose on Solano in Albany since I moved here, almost 2 years ago. I usually see Noel or Rebecca (the owners) but have seen other stylists there as well and they are all great. https://www.ravenandrosehair.com

    I like New Florence Salon on 65th in Emeryville. It's a beautiful salon, just a nice calm space to be in. I can highly recommend Shimeko there, as a stylist. I used to go to her at Marquee in Oakland (on 40th) but followed her to New Florence. She would never give a haircut that you couldn't "do" yourself at home, so it's weird to me that you would see a stylist who spends a lot of time on the styling... for me, my haircuts are 80% cut, 20% blow-dry with a little polish/shine product and out the door. Tell your stylist what you use at home (product-wise, if any!) and that you expect them to duplicate that with your cut in the salon. I don't ever blow-dry my hair at home even, so I would not get my hair cut in a way that I had to blow-dry it in order for it to look good or right. Anyway - try New Florence! 

    Brandie at Violet Fury (https://www.violetfury.com/ this has a link to their Instagram so you get a sense of the vibe). Hands down the best hairdresser— her cuts are superb and she will focus on how you wear your hair— the way her cuts grow out are also wonderful. 

    Check out Atsuko Tomobe! She is a very skilled haircutter and uses great products. She has given me traditional cuts (when I had long hair) and more structured cuts that have always grown out beautifully. 

    I can recommend my stylist, Fahimeh, who works out of a salon in Montclair. She spends much more time on the cut than the styling and I always get complimented on my haircuts. Also, I find that I can go for quite a long time before getting another haircut, which I consider a sign of a great cut. You can reach Fahimeh at 510-43502127.

    I highly recommend Maryanne at Cutting Up on College in Rockridge. She does fantastic cuts that require little to no styling & doesn’t push products. I tell her what I want or don’t want or ask for her reco and she does it. I regularly go 6mos to well over a year and my hair still looks good.

    I see Betty at Chop Salon in El Cerrito and I have heard great things about the other people that work there also. I have long full bodied hair and Betty spends about 40 minutes doing the actual cutting, 5 minute wash, 15 minute style. I request little to no product because I don’t like strong perfume smells. Highly recommend! 

    I go see Sondra at Grove Salon (www.grovesalon.com) located on Solano Ave in Albany. I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair (zero product, air dry). Before she gets started we always talk about what style of cut I am looking for. She knows I take a low maintenance route and will advise me if the hairstyle I'm asking about will take more effort by me to look nice on a daily basis. She also gives me a sense of what a new cut will look like before she starts cutting in case I want to change my mind. I've taken short and medium length bobs and grown them past the shoulders and they've all held the shape well. I take it to be a sign of a good cut! 

    Jean Lusson is just who you’re looking for! I have hair that curls nicely when cut it strategic layers. Thanks to Jean’s excelllent cutting skills, all I have to do is wash, condition, and allow to dry naturally for soft, bouncy curls. Her number is (510) 882-4454

    I have curly hair as does my whole family. We've got some crazy cowlicks going on and we see: April Antz. She is an amazing hair stylist, colorist and I have to say, we have been with her for 15 years. She's just excellent. The salon is all hers, a clean, COVID safe environment, with just April working there and she sees one customer at a time, with no one else waiting there until it is safe to do so. I can't say enough good things about her. April's number is 510-384-9163.