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  • Where to donate table saw?

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    We have a table saw that we want to donate.   it's been in our basement almost 2 decades, never used.

    However -- WHERE does one donate this type of item???  ideally, they'd also be willing to pick up.  Please don't suggest Craigslist -- too many negative experiences.

    Thank you!

    You could contact these organizations (below) to check if they could use a donation.  If no luck, I might be interested in the table myself.  I am a single mom with my own home.  But the house is 100 years old and I am constantly having to do upgrades and repairs. I've been using a hand-held circular saw to cut wood, but it is not very accurate.  If you can't get the saw to a good organization, feel free to contact me.  Text is fastest (510) 684-8407.  I live in Berkeley and would pick up if it's within 10 miles or so.  Good luck!


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    Seems like something the Berkeley Tool Lending Library might be interested in...

    Call the Berkeley Tool Lending Library!  It's attached to the South Branch library and has a cadre of volunteers who could pick it up if the want it.

    Maybe try the Oakland Tool Lending Library?  They might not have a need for a table saw themselves, but they periodically have tool drive to raise money. 

    this is an old post but I'm sure if you call they can give you some suggestions:

    The tool lending library in Richmond is in search of donations. It's a volunteer-based organization, and I believe non-profit. 

    This is from their site:

    Contact Information: 

    Tool library: (510) 620-5546

    toollibrary [at]

    Guadalupe Morales:

    (510) 620-6552

    guadalupe_morales [at]

    Don't know if they'd pick up, but I bet the Richmond tool lending library would be glad to get it.

    Try Urban Ore or Ohmega Salvage.

    Girls Garage in Berkeley or Berkeley REALM charter school mid or high school likely be able to use it- tax deductible.