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How to dispose of a 20-year-old TV?

March 2009

How can I dispose of my 20-year old tube television responsibly? It stopped working in December and might be fixable, but I don't want it. Is there a charity that will pick it up from me, or who could use it? An organization that can recycle its materials?
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I use eRecycle OnUs, 1271 Boulevard Way, Walnut Creek, CA. 94595, just off of 680, Mt. Diablo exit. They take any e-waste for free and recycle it responsibly. They will unload your car when they are open or you can drop off after-hours. Their website is lindab i just recycled a computer here and they seem to take most items without cost. check to see if TV is one of them, but i think it is. Lily
The computer resource center in Berkeley (just off Gilman near 80) will take it off your hands and treat it responsibly. If you live in Berkeley, they will even come get it. Chek it out at R.K.
I took my TV to Walnut Creek at Address: eRecycle OnUs You can check their website, easy access from freeway and they helped me to unload. 1271 Boulevard Way Walnut Creek, CA. 94595 Questions or Comments? Contact us at: 925-934-1515 Elena
Questions like this are best answered with the world's biggest library--the internet. Go to Google and type in: television disposal berkeley What comes up? Website says: We'll take it! We will recycle anything that you can plug into a power outlet. This means we will recycle your computer, VCR, television, copy machine, and even your microwave and toaster, but not your large appliances such as a washing machine or refrigerator. Lola