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Bakery Outlet/ Day Old Bread

Oct 2003

Does anyone know of an inexpensive bakery outlet to get things like hotdog rolls/hamburger buns etc. in very large quantity inexpensively? We used to go to a pepperidge farm outlet when I lived on the east coast, but I don't even need anything that fancy (Rainbo or Wonder would be perfect). Thanks! Planning a walkathon BBQ

They have good buns in big packs. Also a good place to buy hotdogs and hamburger meat. Debbie

There is a Rainbo/Wonder outlet in Oakland right off of 880S at 16th (?) I think it's 16th- or else it's 23rd. It's right in between a business called RED with a large red sign and Earthgrains- you can see it from the freeway and can't really miss it if you're looking for it. Hope this is of some help to you! Jessica

There is a Wonderbread outlet in San Pablo, near Church Lane, on 23rd, I believe, but you can call information and double-check the address. Good luck! mack

The Rainbo Bread Outlet is just of 880S in Oakland. The exit is 23rd. You can't miss it. Alternatively, there is a Hostess outlet in San Pablo. It is also on 23rd (funny conincidence), a few blocks from the intersection with San Pablo Ave. Rose

Entenmann's Inc-Oroweat Foods 14388 Washington Ave, San Leandro, CA 94578 (510) 357-5004 Helena

Wonder Bread has an outlet on Market St. going towards Emeryville. I am not sure of the exact address. Also check the Grocery Outlet store on University in Berkeley. They often offer donations of large quantities for functions. Hope this helps some. Good luck ''Each One, Teach One'' Marissa

I don't know how inexpensive these are but there are two bakery outlets in San Leandro. One is ''Hostess'' and it is on Montague Road (in the industrial area off Marina Blvd.). The other is ''Orowheat'' on Washington Ave. just down the road from Kmart. Costco might be a better option. At the bakery outlet you have to beware of the marked down pasteries! HL

Authentic French Croissants?

September 2003

Can anyone tell me where to find a truly sublime French-style croissant in the Berkeley or Oakland area? Pregnant & Craving

La Farine on College, near Alcatraz. I also recommend their morning buns, but leave some for me! (smile) Eric

The chocolate croissants at Citizen Cake in San Francisco are beyond compare. kathryn

Try Masa's (Ed: Masse's) in North Berkeley (on Shattuck). They are very close to the real thing! Kerry

Masse's Pastries on Shattuck next to Black Oak Books (in the Gourmet Gulch area by the Cheese Board). Five years ago we asked the same question. After a long search to too many medocre bakeries we finally found Masse's and were able to breath free again. The only thing is that we're not the only people who know about Masse's and so they do sometimes sell out of croissant in the first hour or two. Great cakes too! Dominic

The next best thing to flying to a Parisian bakery would be to get the boxed croissants from Williams Sonoma. They are so awesome! You can probably buy them online as well. From someone who loves to eat, especially baked goods

I recommend La Farine on College Ave @ Claremont.

La Farine, on College at Alcatraz! The best croissants in the area -- not quite as crisp as in France, but awfully good. anon

La Farine. No question.

Good Danish?

June 2003

This seems like a sort of trivial request but it's now come up twice.... Where can we get good straight ahead Danish pastries? We're not looking for fancy-schmancy French pastries like La Farine (though we love those too!) but something along the lines of a really good cheese danish, like Svenhards if they were really good. Double plus points if they are open before 10 on Sunday (which Neldhams isn't) or in Oakland. Danish Seeker

One word -- Nabolom. Dan

Nabolom in Berkeley (just east of College on Russell), although the danish there might justifiably be called fancy. They are a bit expensive but absolutely delicious. Plain, blueberry, prune, raspberry, apricot, others in season... You'll have to verify the quality, I haven't bought a danish in a long time--don't live in the area any more. But they were always great in past years. Used to go there every weekend

I'm not sure if it is exactly what you are looking for, but when I think of great cheese danishes, I think of Nabolom Bakery. They may have a simple cheese danish, I'm not sure, but they definitely have wonderful fruit and cheese pastries. They are not fancy, but are very tasty and made with good ingredients. My mouth is watering just thinking of them. Nabolom is located off College Avenue one block north of Ashby (Russell?). Jennifer C

Montclair Baking Company off Mountain Blvd (Park Blvd Exit from 13)has a pear danish that is really great. Don't know their hours. The former Grace Baking in Market Hall sells a variety of bakerys' goodies including Artisan Baking danishes. Those are good, too. Especially cherry cheese. anon.

Try Nabolom in the Elmwood (on Russell off of College). Great Apricot danishes. - RK

Try Ladyfingers on the corner of Santa Clara (becomes Macarthur) and Oakland Ave. They are really yummy.

Find a great cheese danish at Nobolom Bakery on Russell at College. Don't know about their cheese danish, but Virginia Street Bakery or Ecliar Pastries on Telegraph Ave are both traditional bakeries. Try them. JoAnne

A no-brainer: the cheese danishes at Nabolom (Russell street near College Ave)- cherry, apricot, raspberry.... And of course you must try their cinnamon twist. Heaven on earth. They are open early (8am?) on Sundays. peggy

Bear Claw Bakery in Old Pinole is the place you should try. They make wonderful cheese danish from scratch and delicious bear claws, fruit danish, doughnuts and breads. They have somewhat of a huge following and appreciation from danish lovers. They are open at 7 am on Sunday and close early at 12:00 (sundays only) and the rest of the week they are open at 6:00 am until about 3-4 pm. Although it can be a drive from Oakland, you will find it well worth it. Bring the family, there is a great park right behind the bakery, which is located at 2340 San Pablo Avenue in old Pinole (across the street from the Pear St. Bistro and Flower cart, Next door to Bill's liquor's). try it out, you'll love it. P.S. they make the best cakes in the world! Kerri

Try Virginia Bakery on Shattuck in Berkeley if you're looking for classic, old fashioned baked goods. Not open on Sundays, though! Kim

We have bought danish for 20 years at Nabolom Bakery, on Russell right off College in Elmwood. Buttery pastry, delicious cheese and fruit inside. And a bunch of other tasty delights for sale, too. Nabolom is open on Sundays by 8:00, I believe. Bon appetit! Wendy

Have you tried Nabolom bakery in Elmwood? It's right off College near Sweet Dreams (sorry, can't recall the street name). Everything I've tried there is delicious!! anon

Naboloms makes a great cheese danish. Apricot, cherry, etc. On Russell, just above College in Berkeley. Try this link: http://users.rcn.com/nabolom/map.html foodie

Hands down the best danish are at Nabolom in Elmwood, off College. Their other goods are great, but the danish are what set them apart. The fillings have real fruit (not canned pie filling) and cheese, and there are lots of choices. - hungry already!

Bonaire Bakery on Park Street in Alameda is the place for an excellent classic danish - from bear paws to blueberry rings and more, its all excellent. I think they open at 7am but call to check. Their cakes are super too. Enjoy

Amid the avalanche of Nabolom recommendations :), another poster recommended a bakery in Alameda. Just wanted to correct the name so folks can find it: Boniere Bakery on Park St in Alameda. Everything I've had from there (including danish) has been great. Jennie