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Walkie-Talkie for 4-year-old


My just turned 4-year-old is enamored of walkie talkies, but most are too advanced for him. Basically, he doesn't quite grasp that he has to press a button when he talks. Can anyone recommend a brand that really works but is simple to use? If so, what brand and where did you find it? Thanks. Amy

I haven't ever used these but I saw in the Leaps and Bounds Catalog for Spring 2001, pg. 38, a set of walkie talkies designed for children. They look like telephones and supposedly perform like them too so kids can talk and listen at the same time. They say this makes them easier for young children to use. It's item #06506 on page 38 of the catalog. Their phone number 1-800-477-2189 or www.leapsandboundscatalog.com For some reason I had their catalog open to that page just sitting on my desk as I read your advice request! Hannah