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Family trip in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Sept 2015

My family is headed to the Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic for a week at the end of October. We'll have our 3 year old and 9 month old in tow. We are staying at an all-inclusive resort, but we are interested in doing more than just hanging by the pool. I'd love recommendations of things to do that are off the beaten path or less touristy. We will have childcare so could do something without the kids, although that's not necessarily our goal. Also, if anyone has any kid specific advice about the DR that would be very welcome. Thanks in advance! Rachel

Hi there - saw your note re: PP. My brother married a gal from the PP about 13 years ago. We went down for the wedding and it was awesome. I'm not sure if things have changed much, but at the time, it didn't fall into what one would call 'safe' category off the resort. We were extremely protected by her family the entire time as they were all concerned that we would get robbed or worse. They wouldn't let us go anywhere without a family member escorting us, which is annoying as I've travelled on my own to Guatemala, Belize, Malaysia and other places. I thought they were being overly protective until I found out that some of my brother's friends were at a secluded beach and a guy came up with a machete and tried to attack them. Fortunately they were good swimmers and he could not so they jumped in the ocean - he gave up after 20 or 30 minutes, but I'm told it was really scary. Lots of other folks were either robbed or totally over charged everywhere they went.

That said, it's a cool town and there's neat stuff to see, but I wouldn't just go off on your own. The resort will likely offer nice excursions to banana plantations and what not. Note that with the bambinos I'd be pretty nervous on the roads, which are pretty hairy. Definitely use car seats at all times (I'd say especially on the shuttle to the resort) julie