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  • Veg Friendly Restaurant for 60th Bday

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    My husband is turning 60 in a couple of weeks and we are looking for a restaurant that is vegetarian friendly to celebrate. Half the family are vegetarians and we don't want to go somewhere that is trendy vegan that our kid will probably not like and we don't want a restaurant where the only vegetarian options are salad, pizza and fettuccini alfredo. Does anyone know of a place that can host 22 max. people that has a varied menu for vegetarians and meat eaters alike?

    How about Gather in Berkeley? They do both “snout to tail” and “root to shoot" foods.


    Do they like sushi?

    This place is vegan but it is very fun, and great food.....

    Less fancy is any italian place, but there is Mama in Oakland, 2 choices: 1 vegetarian pasta one meat pasta...not many choices= less stress

    Try Gather in Berkeley. They have a great mix of veggie and carnivore options and the food is excellent. Our kids also like it.