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  • Hi mamas,

    My son is under weight at birth, so our pediatrician asks us to wait until he is 1 month old to get circumcised. Anyone has experiences to share with Dr. Piser and Dr. Chi Lee? Dr. Piser, referred by our pediatrician, is out til December, by then my son would be 8 weeks old. I heard to get the procedure the earlier the better. Dr. Lee might have availability sooner, but I have not seen any good/bad reviews about him. Any other pediatric urologists you would recommend? 


    Hi! We also had to wait to circumcise our son, and went with Dr. Lee, who was recommended by our pediatrician. I was really nervous about the procedure but he did an amazing job. We went with the "plastibell" procedure, which was his recommendation, and had no issues whatsoever. He also has a great bedside manner and was really responsive to all of our concerns. Good luck!

    I'm a pediatrician and have seen many circumcisions done by Dr. Chi Lee and they have all been great.

    Our son had his circumcision done at 6 weeks by Dr Piser and he was great.  You may be able to get in at an earlier date if you call on Friday.  My son also had his undescended testicle surgery done by Dr Piser in September and I ended up rescheduling to a better date by calling on a Friday (when people cancel). Not sure if that helps..  Good luck!

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Doctor to circumcise older baby

Nov 2011

Hi BPN, My nephew is almost 9 weeks and weighs 10 pounds & 5 ounces. His parents were unable to circumcise him b/c of of the out of pocket cost (their insurance won't cover the procedure) until now. The problem is doctors have they've seen won't do it b/c he's older than 1 month and weighs more than 10 pounds. Does anyone have a recommendation for a physician who will circumcise a not so new newborn? Anon

I would recommend Dr. Chi Lee (I believe this is his office contact information: 2999 Regent St # 612 Berkeley, CA (510) 848-1727). He is a urologist, and his office is right by Alta Bates hospital. He performed a circumcision correction on my son when he was a few months old (essentially having to re-circumcise). Even if you don't go with Dr. Lee, I HIGHLY recommended using a urologist vs. a pediatrician. Many pediatricians do not perform circumcisions frequently, because fewer families are choosing to circumcise. Dr. Lee was very experienced and extremely competent. I also encourage your family to circumcise the baby ASAP. It becomes a much more intense procedure the older the baby gets -- for the baby and for his parents! best of luck

I'm not a medical professional, but as far as I know, males of any age or weight can be circumcised...At any rate, I'd highly recommend checking with Golden Gate Urology in Berkeley - Dr. Lee there circumcised our (newborn) son a couple months ago and was fantastic. This is our third boy and this circumcision was by far the neatest and quickest to heal of the 3 (the other 2 were done by their pediatrician). Mom of Boys