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Oct 13 2015

I'm a nuclear engineering grad student at UC Berkeley - GPA/3.96. I've
been tutoring since I was a kid. My strength is in empathetic teaching. I
have creative ways of reframing questions and helping students use
their own intuition to develop methods for solving problems. I help
motivate meaning for the material they wish to focus on and establish
work habits that support long term success.
Nicholas Brickner nickbrickner[at] 5105299991

Oct 12 2015

I am a recent graduate from UC Davis with a degree in environmental
science and biology.mi love science and am comfortable teaching many
different subjects. My knowledge is strongest in biology, chemistry and

Please contact me for more info.
Nina  Msnichols[at] 5107786351

Sep 30 2015

Professional Chemistry/Physics/Math Tutor. My name is Heather Hart, and I have been tutoring chemistry, physics, and math for over 15 years. My passions are math, science, and young minds. My goal is to spark interest and aid understanding for math and science students of all ages. My tutoring focuses on high school and college chemistry, physics and math, including AP and test prep. I have a PhD in Physical Chemistry from Stanford University and a BA from Wellesley College. I taught college-level chemistry for 9 years. I have been tutoring for over 15 years. I love seeing the excitement that comes with understanding a new concept. I will work with you to understand what barriers stand in the way of your learning, and identify your strengths so that you can make the most of them to reach your goals. Please check out my website: Feel free to contact me for more information. Heather hlt1024[at]

Sep 08 2015

Hello! I'm Lena. I am a Berkeley native, tutoring Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Sciences (as well as Latin and Writing) in the Bay Area. I hold my B.S. in Environmental Toxicology from UC Davis. I?ve been tutoring independently for over 3 years, and I am delighted to continue working with so many wonderful families in this community. I?ve worked for companies including GRADTutors, (math and science tutoring for UC Davis students) and Classroom Matters (all subjects tutoring for Bay Area 6th-12th grade students). I've tutored students from the classrooms of Mr. Bissell (BHS chem), Mr. Glimme (BHS AP chem) and Mr. Cruickshanks (Oakland Tech Honors Chem), as well as several Bay Area AP biology teachers. I like to incorporate study skills and time management techniques into whatever subject I am tutoring. Please email me at lenachervin [at] for more information. I offer flexible rates, and can provide references upon request. Lena Chervin lenachervin[at]

Sep 08 2015

I am a graduate student at UC Davis currently working on my PhD in Ecology, and I love to teach. I am very interested in helping your children learn all they can about the natural sciences. I have both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Biology, and lots of experience teaching at the college level. Scheduling time and location are flexible. Willing to provide recommendations and CV when requested. Clark Richter cjrxyz[at]

Sep 01 2015

Hi Parents! Are you looking for someone who can connect well with middle and high school students? Are you looking for someone with previous experience as both a Montessori teacher and has developed curriculum for a private school and UC? I?ve been tutoring for 5 years and enjoy witnessing kids get excited, even about challenging subjects. Is your child looking for someone fun to work with that understands and relates to them? If so, then you've met your gal. I enjoy subjects like Biology and Algebra and can help make them fun and simple to learn. I have a B.S. in Biological Science and will be obtaining my teaching credential. I can help in all subjects. I have lots of patience and outstanding references. If interested email me: jesssund [at] Jessica jesssund[at]

Aug 10 2015

Expert Math and Physics Tutor - All Levels - Children and Adults Having tutored Mathematics and Physics in the East Bay since 1994 and taught full-time for 7 years at two local private high schools, I started Mayeri Education in the Fall of 2010. I am an experienced teacher with empathy and enthusiasm regardless of whether my students are struggling or excelling. I focus on building students' confidence through big-picture understanding and increasing competence in required skills, all while encouraging students not to fear making mistakes, which are a crucial part of the learning process. You can find recommendations for me going back about 5 years by following the ''Parent Recommendations for Math Tutors'' link above. My website is easy to remember: - there you can find out more about my experience, rates, and approach. My office is in downtown Berkeley, near the UC campus, BART, and Berkeley High School. Daniel Mayeri daniel[at]

Aug 17 2015

Cal PhD graduate student with a strong passion for physics/astronomy/math education available for tutoring. Can tutor all levels, as well as exam prep (AP, SAT, etc.). Tutoring affords your child the extra edge and one-on-one attention that can make all the difference in classes and on exams. I hope to help your child excel in the classroom by emphasizing problem solving skills and big-picture concepts, while also staying focused on exams and homework sets. I am a 2015 recipient of a ''GSI Award'' (graduate student instructor) from Cal and am very passionate about teaching. I earned a B.S. in astrophysics from UCLA and an M.A. in astrophysics from UC Berkeley. Available most evenings and weekends. Rates depend on travel but are on average ~$55/hour. We can also meet on or near the UC Berkeley campus. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Email: ccheng.tutoring [at] Carina ccheng.tutoring[at]

Jul 31 2015

Hello, If you need a tutor for chemistry, physics, or mathematics, please let me know. My email is: mahin.hemmati [at] My recent teaching experience has been working as an instructor at UC Berkeley Extension for general chemistry I and II, and physics I and II. Mahin mahin.hemmat[at]

Jul 20 2015

THE MATH & SCIENCE TUTOR OF BERKELEY I love teaching and have been teaching math and science for homeschoolers and students attending local private/public K-12 schools and college with more than 13 years of dedicated tutoring experience (Berkeley, Albany, Piedmont, Bentley, CPS, etc.). Having studied at UC Berkeley College of Chemistry (B.S. Chemical Biology), my expertise lies in the field of MATH (from Arithmetic to Multivariable Calculus, AP, SAT Math, etc.) and SCIENCE (Chemistry, Physics, AP, SAT, compSci etc.). Having educated both in Japan and the U.S. I am bilingual and I've learned and experienced different cultures, disciplines, demands, perspectives and methods to mastering the subjects. I'm conveniently located on College Ave in Rockridge and but I can travel to most places in East Bay. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. Thanks for looking at my ad! NAME: TAIRI NISHIZAWA EMAIL: tairi.nishizawa[at] Tairi Nishizawa tairi.nishizawa[at]

Jul 10 2015

Hi! Are you looking for someone who can connect well with middle and high school students? Are you looking for someone with previous experience as both a teacher and a tutor? Is your child looking for someone hip and fun to work with? If so, then you've met your gal. I actually enjoy subjects like science and math and can help make them fun and simple to learn. I hold a B.S. in Biology and now write STEM curriculum for private schools. I can help in all subjects and with organizational skills. I have lots of patience and great references. If interested contact me via email at jesssund [at] Jessica Sund jesssund[at]

May 30 2015

I offer tutoring in AP Physics 1, 2, and B; Chemistry, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Trigonometry. I have an excellent academic record (4.0 GPA) BS (electronics Communication Engineering) MS. Computer Science, California Teaching Credential with over 10 years of teaching experience. I tutor in Fremont/Newark/Union City area. I offer 1-1 excellent teaching to build a strong foundation of concepts and prepare for application in solving problems. My students have greatly improved their grades and test scores. Pls email or text with your needs. Thank you. Ms. Deep Shikha deep_shikha_shri[at] 510-468-8264

May 26 2015

I am an experienced private tutor (15 years experience, current doctoral student - UC Berkeley, Graduate School of Education/Cognition and Development). I work with students at all academic levels from beginning to AP. My areas of specialty are as follows: Chemistry Math - algebra, geometry, trig, pre-calculus Essay Writing/Critical Reading SAT/ACT prep/SAT Subject Test prep Jessica Carr, M.S. email: carrtutoring [at] Jessica Carr carrtutoring[at]

May 19 2015

Lorraine Lyman, MS, MA, is a dedicated chemistry tutor! Her students that demonstrate a commitment to their education have consistently improved and been some of the most successful students in their chemistry classes! Assistance with the following is available: -memorization of critical concepts -deconstruction of chemistry problems -chemistry problem-solving reading-comprehension skills -Algebra I and II concepts and other math principles -easy-to-understand explanations -HW assignments along with quiz and test prep Lorraine?s foundation includes earning a high-school degree from the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science, a BA in Chemistry from Texas A University, and an MS in Chemistry from Carnegie Mellon University (PA), along with years of teaching and tutoring experience. Summer 2015 Special: $70/hr; Fall 2015 Early Bird Special: $80/hr; Regular Rate: $100/hr; (two-hour session minimum) Lorraine Lyman, MS, MA Lorraine[at] (510) 768-7922

May 01 2015

Biology and Math Tutor: UC Berkeley PhD Hello BPN parents! I'm a biology and math tutor (elementary math, algebra, and geometry) and have tutored students of ages from elementary school to college. I'm still amazed at how effective one-on-one tutoring can be. One high school biology student recently went from getting a ''D'' on a test to scoring 94% on his next test after only a few weeks of tutoring. My approach is to have a dialog with the student instead of just lecturing, and I ask many questions to find out exactly where trouble in understanding occurs, and then focus on those points. After discussing a topic, I have the student explain it back to me or solve a problem on their own to check their understanding. I just love it when the light bulb goes on and a student suddenly understands a concept and says, ''Oh!'' My PhD is in biology from UC Berkeley and I have worked as a staff scientist at UCSF. Susan Mashiyama susansharpsongs[at]

Mar 04 2015

Berkeley Parents or young inclined learners of chemistry, My name is Wes Winter, I am a Chemistry Major, and as a UCBerkeley Graduate, I am interested in tutoring chemistry. I have six years of tutoring experience which I received from privately tutoring, tutoring for schools, and working at the Lawrence Hall of Science as a teacher. This past year I worked with five young Berkeley high school students which benefitted positively from our sessions. All of my students hailed from different schools in the East Bay Area and had different levels of chemistry experience. I am pretty flexible and can come over for emergency sessions too. If you have any chemically related questions please feel free to call or text me at (661) 713-9081 Wesley Winter wswinter92[at] (661) 713-9081