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Sept 2014

My husband and I would like to learn German. We are seeking a tutor to come once/week to teach us the language. Our daughter is learning German and we would like to be able to speak with her. Does anyone have any recommendations? Anne

helenelanglamethlanglamet [at] yahoo.fr Yes, that's right it is not yahoo.com but yahoo.fr The tutor's name is Helene and she has been working with my 14 year old daughter for several months. Helene is fairly young (mid-20s) and meets my daughter at a local cafe. My daughter had specific objectives regarding writing and speaking and Helene has met all of our objectives. Helene is easy to work with, she is kind but firm in the need to practice and she is reasonably priced for her 1.5 hour weekly lessons. Please email her and see if she would be willing to give adult lessons. My daughter has had several German teachers over the years but none has come close to what Helene has been able to help my daughter accomplish and feel comfortable doing with the German language. 14-year-old is the first German speaker in the family

June 2009

I'm looking for a German language tutor in Berkeley for an 11 year old over the summer, around twice per week. We can go to the tutor if he/she is in Berkeley or they can come to our house. Any good recommendations? Thank you.

Why not contact the German Dept. Secretary or International House at CAL? Or put up a flyer at I House? There are probably CAL grad or undergrad students here for the summer who would welcome making some extra money tutoring. I believe German is also taught at BHS and they might have a list of tutors. In addition, I think there is a German preschool in the area. Maybe some of their teachers would like an extra job. Took German, but too rusty to tutor