Finding a College Student Tutor

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Jan. 2003

I found several wonderful candidates to tutor my 15 y.o. daughter (in Spanish) by listing that position with the new UC Berkeley student job site. Enter this site at:

On the left bar look for ''Employer Services \\-- Cal Jobs + Internships\\-- Off Campus Employer''. You do have to register and set up an account and password. We got several responses within 48 hrs, and at least 4 sounded excellent in resume and on the phone. We were very pleased with both the tutors we tried. In our experience, these college and graduate student tutors are often already experienced as tutors, are able to identify with teens, demonstrate positive role modelling for a teen, and are less expensive than professional teachers. It was easy to remove the ad as soon as the position was filled. The pool of potential tutors found this way would have a pretty rapid turnover -- any given individual may not be in the Bay Area for more than a few years. Mimi

Oct 2002

In answer to a parent's question about how to find a tutor for a child, I posted an ad /list a job at UC: And got an excellent tutor that was also a role model/ peer mentor for my child. Linda

Another suggestion I have for you is to go directly to UC Berkeley. The students there are often quite talented; you may find that you have to weed through a number of them before you find the one that is right for you, but if you have the time, this can be a good option too. I recommend going to and placing an ad for a tutor through them for the UC Berkeley campus. Perhaps that will work for you! Either way, best of luck and call us (at Classroom Matters) if we can help you in any way. Molly

August 1999

We had good luck last year finding a UC student using the UCB online job postings. We got too many replies to interview and found a good tutor right away. This is the best time to advertise. We paid $15 per hour. The commercial tutoring services charge $30 and up.

four other moms and I contacted several fraternities and had them tutor our kids as part of their community service. Win-win for all of us!