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    Hi there. I am starting to teach my two kids Polish (they are 4.5 and 7 years old). Currently I am using online tools like videos and games (Dino Lingo) and planning to get rosetta stone as well, but i would also like to enroll them in a weekly tutoring session. Does anyone have a recommendation? Much appreciated

    Hi PZB,

    I am pretty much in the same boat.  I have an 8 month old who I am hoping to teach Polish to.  My mom is here (She lives in NY, but grew up in Poland), so she (and I) are just speaking Polish to him.  I haven't explored it yet, but I saw that there is a pretty affordable Polish school for children that's organized by a church in Walnut Creek.  I was taking lessons online (I can speak pretty well, but my grammar is lacking) through italki.  Italki connects you with conversational partners you can email or skype with and also with tutors who offer lessons through Skype.  I was working with a Polish tutor who charged $15 an hour.  Prices vary and some advertise that they work with children.  I've als been getting books from Poland through epik.pl.  It's cheap and they have a great selection.  Problem is that shipping is pricey.  Maybe you've discovered a cheaper way to buy Polish books?

    I'd love your insight on what you've found worked and what didn't as your children are older.  Feel free to contact me via my BPN user name.