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Need Tutor/Coach for Junior with IEP for low-end Asperger​

Oct 2015

My son is a Junior at Oakland Tech. He's an intelligent kid who gets lousy grades and would rather game than even ask for help. He has an IEP for low-end Asperger. He has trouble processing math. I'm hoping a recent college grade or current college student could help him not only in school work and improving grades, but understanding HOW to focus and organize. Thank you. Worried Mom


I highly recommend Classroom Matters in Berkeley. Last year, they helped my son
stay focused on his Academic Goals, as he went beyond memorizing and actually
grasping the subject matters. I truly appreciate the tutors commitment to
helping my son learn the material. 

I felt that both my son and I received support from the staff. They were always
willing to go the extra mile with friendly and compassionate attitudes. 

Here is there link:

Best of Luck! 


Math tutor for 4th grader on the spectrum

Aug 2009

Hello, I am trying to find a math tutor for my child who will be entering the fourth grade in the fall. She is on the spectrum, and I am trying to find a good match for her . Her 3rd grade teacher is concerned with her difficulty in grasping more abstract math concepts. Her teacher also highly recommended someone trained in the''Making Math Real'' program, but I have not been able to find anyone. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I highly recommend Bill Baldyga. I found him through BPN. He specializes in working with kids who have learning disabilities. My son is on the spectrum and was struggling with math concepts. He is entering 3rd grade and has been working with Bill on math and reading comprehension 2x/week for about a year. At this point, he is working on math problems at or above grade level. Bill comes to our house. You can find out more about his services at http://www.halcyonlearning.com

I would like to recommend an educational therapist to work with the girl who needs Making Math Real. Jamie Keller is patient, kind, and funny and has been trained in MMR. I have seen her work successfully with many different types of children. You can reach her at 510-524-8697. Jenifer

Hi Marie, I have a recommendation for you. The tutor we work with is credentialed in Making Math Real. Jon has worked with our son for nearly 2 years. Jon is a flexible problem solver. He will work with your child, at her pace, interest and apply appropriate encouragement. He will also work in tandem with whatever program your child's school is using. Jon is an awesome Dad himself. I even took the introductory 2 day course in Making Math Real myself to apply at home. Hope this is helpful. Jonathan Hoffman Math Demystified Multisensory, Structured Math Instruction

For those of you that may be looking for a Math(up to Trig and Calculus)tutor, we highly recommend Strategies for Learning in Oakland on Grand Avenue. For years our daughter, struggled with Math and writing from grade school to now college. Because her grades were average, no one would believe us when we said she needed to be tested due to problems she had processing various types of information. Once in college she began failing all of her math courses, so it was recommended that she be tested by a professional. She was diagnosed with a specific learning disability. After extensive searching we found a wonderful tutor through Strategies For Learning. His patience and math techniques have made it possible for our daughter to move forward in a positive direction. Now she is maintaining a B average in Math and we have seen such a difference with her self esteem. We plan to continue tutoring on her writing skills as well. I understand that they also provide tutoring in Science(life science and physical) as well as organizational, study skills, reading and written expression.

Hi, I would highly recommend Jonathan Hoffman at Math Demystified. Jon is trained in the Making Math Real teaching style and has a masters in engineering. He's a very kind soul who really wants to help kids. My son has great difficulty with certain math concepts. Jon has helped him a great deal and is so patient. You can reach him at 510-333-4083 or jon [at] mathdemystified.net. Good luck! Mom of Math Challenged Child

Aug 2009

We adopted an older child who was way behind in school and is an ESL learner with the likelihood of some learning issues. We had him assessed at times and he was being tutored in and after school. The various tutors/programs were helpful but we realized that we really needed a more closely tracked and educational theraputic approach if he was ever going to make greater progress. That's where we found Phyllis Koppleman at Strategies for Learning in Oakland so helpful. Web site: www.strategiesforlearning.com Phyllis helped us move from a general tutoring approach to an educational therapy and case management approach. She matched our son with tutors skilled in the appropriate learning approach for a subject. Understanding how your child learns is all important with or without learning issues. Finding tutors with the right training and experience and who connect with your child is another. Strategies for Learning helped us put that all together and our son has made much greater progress since then. David