Therapist for Sexual Abuse

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Therapist for teenage girl who has been molested

Oct 2010

My 18-year-old daughter was sexually molested by her adoptive father. When I learned what was going on, I threw him out and filed for divorce. With therapy, my daughter has begun to heal, but she still suffers from free-floating anxiety, dreams that lead to sleeplessness, inability to focus on her studies, and depression. She also smokes pot more than once a week. I am looking for a therapist to work with her who has experience with sexual molestation and PTSD issues. East Bay preferred. Anonymous

I do have two recommendations for you. Barbara Maynard, 925-788- 9041, has an office in Berkeley and Walnt Creek. Someone once told me that Barbara is a ''master'' of PTSD. She is. Terry Trotter is another referral. Terry practices in Albany. She also is an expert in trauma, 510-433-7371. I also send support to you. anonymous

I would highly recommend Colorado Kagan, in the Rockridge area of Oakland. Michael Simon

Therapist for Possible Toddler Sexual Abuse

March 2010

Can someone please recommend a local therapist (we are in East Bay) that we can talk to about possible toddler sexual abuse. Our son is 2.5 years old and recently exhibiting a range of behaviours that could be normal behavior or could be stemming from sexual abuse at his preschool. We have no way to tell and we would like to speak with an experienced therapist or counselor that can help put this behavior in perspective and tell us if our fears are justified and what behaviour to look out for. Thanks. Anon

I am so sorry this is coming up for you and your family. It is such a difficult road to navigate. Have you discussed your concerns with either the person in charge at the school or your pediatrician? Understand that if you do they are mandated reporters. Unfortunately, in my experience, if your parent-radar is sensing something is going on it probably is. And it may not be happening at your preschool but somewhere else you haven't even thought of. That is what happened in our case. Anyway... a recommendation... my children were seen at a center called Stepping Stones which is located in San Pablo. You don't say where you are located, but they may be able to give you a good referral. I was directed to them by our pediatrician (we are in West County).

If you wish to talk with a parent who has been down this road, ask the moderator to give you my contact info.

Hugs and good luck.

I recommend that you see a therapist who is highly experienced with normal and abnormal sexual behavior in toddlers, as well as the dynamics of child sexual abuse. You could contact Dr. Fortunee Kayra-Stuart in Berkeley; Dr. Victoria Coad in Pt. Richmond, or me Kathy Sinsheimer, MFT, in Oakland. All of us have many years experience in this very painful and challenging area. Kathy Sinsheimer, MFT

Give me a call if you like. I have many years experience working with young children. I would be happy to talk with you about two-year old behavior. I can help you sort out developmentally normal behavior from what may be a symptom of sexual abuse or a sign of some other problem. Katrinca Ford, MFT

Therapy or support group for rape survivor

June 2009

Can anybody recommend a therapy/support group for survivors of sexual assault/rape?

Hi , I highly recommend Phyliss Klaus , she is amazing and this is her specialty. 510-559-8000 Juli T

Hakomi therapist for sexual trauma

June 2007

Can someone recommend a female Hakomi therapist that works in the East Bay? If you have a recommendation for a mindful therapist that uses other methods that would be great too. I am looking for someone who has experience working with women who survived sexual trauma. Thanks, having emotional hard time

It depends on whether you want strictly psychotherapy - that's what I understand that Hakomi is, even though it is body centered, it's still all verbal intervention and talk therapy. If you are open to other forms of intervention and mindful therapies then Stephanie Shelburne would be a good. Stephanie uses bio-behavioral psychology mixed with integrated bodywork, and specific breaathwork. I have been working with her for months now and I can attest that she is a compassionate practitioner who specializes in PTSD treatment. Her website is She is very well rounded and has many interventions that are lovely and work in great harmony. Her office number is 510-864-0149. Louise, still very grateful

Deb Lyman, LCSW is a wonderful psychotherapist who uses Hakomi method. Her office is on Telegraph in Berkeley (near Whole Foods) and her phone number is (510) 594-4099. anon