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Postpartum Depression Therapy and Support Groups

July 2012

I am a ''newborn mother'' to a beautiful 8 day old girl, and have just recently moved to Oakland near Lake Merritt from San Francisco. I have a history of depression, and have definitely felt overwhelmed and more than a little weepy this past week. I am looking to establish a support network in the area. I would like to find a therapist to work with as well as a group to join. It is hard to conceive of setting up an appointment at the moment because my daughter nurses pretty much around the clock, but I would love to hear people's recommendations. Thanks so much for the help. Feel free to contact me directly via email if you prefer. R

Hello R - and other New Moms who might be struggling,

First, congratulations on having your little one. I attended a Postpartum Stress support group five years ago facilitated by Lee Safran (510 496-6096) and it was an incredible life saver for me. Like you, I've had a history of depression (and anxiety) and so did most of the other women in the group. It was such a relief to have a place that I could say how I was really feeling - not how I was supposed to be. It was a great group of women and I've stayed in touch with a few.

I also ended up doing individual therapy with Lee and that was a good combination for me. She really knows her stuff and is both smart and warm. I went back to see her when my son was three and we had some new things to deal with - great experience all around. I did bring my baby with me to individual sessions which was fine with her when he was little. I rarely respond to these posts - how do people find the time? But, I know that I would have had a different experience without that group and it wasn't easy to find at the time. Nicole

Post-partum depression support groups

April 2011

Dies anyone know of a ppd support group near Benicia or Walnut Creek? Thanks.

You might want to see if Kaiser Walnut Creek offers a group--you don't need to be a Kaiser member to take part in some of their mental health groups and classes. I know they offer one at Kaiser Oakland, and although I took a class on depression through Kaiser, I found they have wonderful facilitators and the group setting is a big, big help to having a place to talk and feel comfortable working through your issues. Make sure you call them and don't rely on the listings on their website, as they don't always have the website updated with all the groups they offer. I wish you all the best and really encourage you to go for group support, wherever it may be. You and your baby deserve it!

2004 - 2007 Recommendations

Looking for a support group for PPD

August 2006

Hi, I experienced severe postpartum depression with my first child, and found that going to a support group really helped. I've recently moved to the area, am now pregnant with my second child, and I've been experiencing some mild depression. I'd like to locate a support group in the area -- somewhere where I can talk to people about how I'm feeling, especially if things start to get worse. Does anyone have any recommendations for a postpartum depression support group? Any info about location, time, cost, etc. is greatly appreciated. I live in Oakland, so the closer the better. Recommendations for therapists and psychiatrists specializing in PPD are also greatly appreciated. I had to figure all this stuff out last time while severely depressed; I'm trying to stay ahead of the game this time around. Thanks in need of support

Alta Bates in Berkeley has a ppd support group. Call 510-204- 1334 for info. I believe they meet Tuesdays and the cost is 9 $/class. They also have a great breastfeeding support group and a new parents support group which I love and has really helped with my ppd. The classes are on Ashby near Telegraph, so not far from Oakland and are full of moms from all over the East Bay. Good luck! anon

Alisa Genovese used to have a group, I don't know if it meets any more, but she's at least a great resource. She's in Kensington, though. 286-7599 Jill

I am part of a group psychotherapy practice, Perinatal Psychotherapy Services, ( and we provide both individual and group therapy - focusing on women's emotional health during the childbearing years. My partner, Lee Safran, runs a post partum support group through her private practice in Kensington which meets every other Saturday, and also runs a group at Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley, which is more of a drop in group. I also run a pregnancy support group which may be of use to you during this antepartum period. Please feel free to check out our website. Lee's direct line is 496-6096 Gina

Lee Safran, MFT leads postpartum stress groups through Alta Bates and also in her own practice in Kensington. You can reach her at 510-496-6096. I wish you the best in finding what you need anon

There is a post partum depression support group that meets once a week, on Tuesdays from 10 to 11:30 am through Alta Bates. I went to a few meetings back in March and April and found them really helpful. Call 510-204-1334 for more info. The meeting place is 2500 Ashby and the first time you go it's free; thereafter it's $9 per session. Check them out to see if it's a good fit for you. anon

Contact Perinatal Psychotherapy Services at (510) 594-4006. There are awesome clinicians, Gina Hassan,PhD, Donna Rothert, PhD and Lee Safran, MFT, who specialize in issues surrounding pregnancy and post-partum. You'll certainly find great suppport there portia

Depression groups for postpartum depression

Oct 2005

Could anyone recommend meetups or groups for women with postpartum depression? I am trying to get some help on my own, but I think I need to be around other people in the same situation. Thanks! anon

Alta Bates has a every other Tuesday class at 2500 Ashby Ave in Berkeley. Their parent classes are fabulous, so the post partem depression class is probably great too. Call 510-204-1334 for info and it's good that you are getting the help you need, this mommy thing is great, but HARD. Good luck. anon

Alta Bates has a new postpartum stress/depression group lead by a therapist who specializes in ppd. Here's the info:
Postpartum Stress Support Group
Dates: Every other Tuesday
Times: 10:00 to 11:30 am
Place: 2500 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley
Contact: (510) 204-1334
Fee: $9/session or 5 sessions for $40. First session free.
good luck! g

I am a therapist who specializes in postpartum depression and have a colleague who runs two groups. Her name is Lee Safron (510)496-6096. She runs one of the groups at Waddle & Swaddle in Berkeley, and the other group at Alta Bates. Being around other women who are sturggling with Pospartum depression can be very helpful. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions. Gina Hassan (510) 644-1097 Gina

I think a group is a great idea, and your thinking of it is an indication that the depression doesn't have you completely down. ''Parents' Press'' magazine's site offers an article about postpartum depression (I must confess that I wrote it) at, but more to the point, the article's sidebar also lists some good referrals to PPD aid and support, including the Postpartum Health Alliance of Northern California's hotline, which is 888/773-7090, and Dr. Shoshana Bennett's website.

PPD is far more common than is generally known, and there is help out there for you. Please take good care of yourself in the meantime (perhaps ask for more assistance with the baby and the house, take time for yourself whenever possible), and remember that this will change and you WILL feel better. Melanie

Try Shoshanna Bennett. She runs groups out of John Muir in Walnut Creek and out of her home in Castro Valley (?) I saw her around 5 years ago, but I'm sure she's still doing it. She's written books, has all sorts of information on her Website. 925-552-5127 Shoshana S. Bennett, Ph.D. 390 Diablo Road, Suite 115 Danville, CA 94526 Anon

I struggled with truly horrendous postpartum depression after my son (second child - I didn't have the same reaction with my first.) I worked with Lee Safran individually for about a year and saw her a few times with my husband. She is a marriage and family therapist with an office on Solano and I know that she now runs a Postpartum Depression group. Her number is 510 496- 6096. It was such a lonely time for me and I really felt like she got what I was going through as well as encouraged me gently to make some needed changes in how I was coping and relating to others. I definitely recommend her. I wish you all the best and please do get some support, it really helped me. Also, I think Kaiser might have a group as well. Good luck. anonymous