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Hypnosis for Weight Loss?

July 2011

Has anyone tried to use a hypnotist to help with weight loss and found it effective? The recommendations listed in the archive are several years old and don't actually speak to efficacy of this method. Trying something new

I am a certified hypnotherapist and I worked with Dr. Francis Dreher for weight loss and an eating disorder. Hypnosis is not magic. I am now slender and I'd say 98% free from eating issues. This did not happen overnight. Hypnosis can definitely help you make the mental and emotional changes you need to lose weight, but please realize you also have to make a lifestyle change to lose weight and remain at a satisfactory size. anon.

Bay Healing, located in Pleasant Hill, specializes in hypnosis. Gerri Levitas, owner and Certified Hynotherapist, has weight loss as a specialized part of her practice. She works in person and via phone, gives you a Cd to take home and has other innovative techniques. She is a friend and my husband saw her for stress related issues. I strongly suggest you give her a try. Here's a link to her web site http://bayhealing.com/ reva

Oct 2008

Hello, I am looking for a more recent recommendation for a hypnotherapist who works with weight loss as well as general life coaching. Thanks! anon

I highly recommend Dr Dave Hill. What struck me the most about him is his ethics and his heart. You can check out his website: http://www.drdavehill.com/hypnotherapy.html where you will find his contact info and lots of other relevant information. If you have any questions you can contact me. Jimena

I highly recommend Surja Jessup in Berkeley. http://www.surja.com/ I had great success dealing w/some addictive behaviors and other more basic life/marriage/family issues after about a half dozen sessions with her. worked for me

I highly recommend my colleague Paul Minsky, PhD. He specializes in hypnosis and has trained many therapists in the field. He was the president of the hypnosis society and has many years of experience. His number is (510) 524-0700 and has offices on Dwite Way (across from Herrick Hosp.) and on Solano Ave in Berkeley/Albany. Good luck

April 2007

Has anyone used hypnosis to lose weight or at least to stop gaining weight? My life is extremely stressfull, and I do a lot of stress-related eating. I cannot reduce stressors (2 young special needs children, demanding job, stressed partner). I am trying to excercise but finding it very hard to be regular about it. I need help to begin to lose weight. If I could have a month of success I think that I would be able to maintain my motivation. As it is now I try really hard and then relapse as a response to life. Please write if you have tried hypnosis and can tell me if it worked for you or not. If you can recommend a practioner who helped you that would be helpful also. Growing Exponentially

My first thought: choose hypnosis for your stress management and the weight will follow. I would recommend Louis Boswell, M.D. in Walnut Creek. I count on his decades of experience with stress management and weight loss. It has done wonders for my stress levels and my weight, but also accepting a body size that was achievable right now. Why add an additional stress of trying to be smaller? Best of luck Shena C

Sept 2005

i would like to try hypnosis for grazing/binging behavior control. Does anyone have any recommendations for great (or those to avoid) hypnotists who do this kind of work and whether it worked for them? BTW I have been to years of therapy and I know why I do it but that does not seem to make much difference when I see the Ben and Jerry's. Thanks much tired of binging

I am interested in hypnosis for weight loss. Has anyone tried it? Can someone recommend a hypnotist in the East Bay? Thanks Curious

I would love to hear from people who have recently used a hypnotherapist (preferably within a reasonable drive from the East Bay). The teenage son of a friend of mine is considering trying this approach to change eating habits/ control his weight. anonymous please

Paul Minsky, PhD specializes in hypnotherapy. I know he has trained alot of therapists out there. His practice is in Berkeley. (510) 524-0700 good luck!

Anxiety and hypnotherapy?

Nov 2006

I have never tried hypnotherapy and wondered if it helps at all with anxiety? I have one issue I am specifically anxious about and took an anti-anxiety med for awhile. This helped tremendously, but now I am pregnant with my second child and am off the med. I am wondering if hypnotherapy helps at all with anxiety and if anyone has any recommendations about who to see. I would prefer to see someone who helps pregnant and post- partum women, in particular. Thanks. anon

Two excellent hypnotherapists, for anxiety as well as other issues, are Francis Dreher, PhD, MFT and Hilda Goldman, MFT. They practice in Kensington and both can be reached at 510-528-3738 D

Hi there, I've learned that anxiety is closely linked to thinking patterns, and working with Dr. Marlene Winell, I've made HUGE progress. She has an approach that not only works but works fast, including hypnotherapy-like sessions. She's also a compassionate woman and a mother; ie she would understand your situation totally. She's in Berkeley at 510-292-0509 (not the old number listed on here). Oh, and her communications work with couples is equally outstanding. You may want to include your partner in this at some point. All the best. I've been there and there is hope! H.

Hypnotherapist to improve sleep

August 2006

Can anyone recommend a hypnotherapist in Berkeley or nearby? I would like to become a heavier sleeper and thought this may help. If you have feedback to share abour your hypnotherapy experience I would like to hear. I haven't done it before. Thank you Light Sleeper

I see a wonderful hypnotherapist in Berkeley. Her name is Phyllis Klaus phone number 559-8000. She does both hypnotherapy and EMDR- both of which are effective and fast ways to change behavior, thought and feeling. She has practiced for well over 25 years and is highly skilled. Good luck anon

I highly recommend Paul Minsky for hypnotherapy. He is a licensed psychologist and has been practicing hypnosis for over 30 years. He has trained other therapists and teaches his clients self hypnosis! His number is 510 524-0700 good luck

Effective therapist to help me change bad habits

August 2005

Hi, I've been looking for a therapist near Berkeley who isn't too new agey, but who does hypnosis and/or cognitive behavior therapy. I don't want to waste a lot of time going over my background and discussing my problems, family, etc. (I already know about my family and problems.) I just want to change some bad habits and bad ways of looking at situations, myself, gain some insight, etc. I have health insurance, but I'm trying to find recommendations and then seeing if the doctors are covered by my insurance. Any advice would be welcomed. Thanks!

I was skeptical about hypnosis, but saw Christing Bartlet, PT, CHT, 510-486-8268. She has a ton of experience, is involved with a national organization, but more importantly, in two sessions the post-hypnotic suggestions worked. She is very supportive, and it was deeply relaxing. She also gave me a CD to listen to at home for self-hypnosis. Stu

Hypnotist in Oakland

June 2004

I am looking for a hypnotist in the Oakland area. Has anybody ever heard of/used Marilyn Gordon at the Center for Hypnotherapy in Oakland? I'd love to hear opinions or suggestions of other hypnotists. Thanks.
Time for Hypnotherapy

Claire Stone is a certified hypnotherapist (CHT) as well as a Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). Her practice is in Berkeley. She has a web page that describes her hypnotherapy practice: http://home.comcast.net/~berkeley.therapist/hypnotherapy.html ourisman

A coaching client of mine sees Rachel Cunningham, LCSW, for hypnotherapy, and I've been very impressed with the results of their work together. Her impact has been quite profound. She is a psychotherapist as well as a hypnotherapist. Her number is 415.665.3906. Janet

In response to your request for a hypnotist recommendation, I wanted to recommend Angie Choi. I found her to be very kind, professional and knowledgeable. She also followed up with me which made me feel as if she really cared for my well-being and not treated as just another client. Her website is: http://www.alivehypnosis.com/ and you can contact her via: angie AT alivehynosis.com
current client

Hypnotherapist for chronic pain

March 2004

Does anyone has any experience using a hypnotherapist for chronic pain? Do you have any experience with Barbara Lynn Allen, a certified hypnotherapist who has an office on Solano Ave.? I'm considering having her work with my mother, who suffers from chronic pain and some emotional issues. The treatment is quite expensive and I'm wondering if it's worth it. How many sessions should it take to figure out if it will work? What should our expectations be? Any comments on this matter would be appreciated.
Considering hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is often used to treat chronic pain. Many hypnotherapists incorporate the work of Milton Erickson, who successfully used self hypnosis to treat his own chronic pain. You cannot predict how long is needed for treatment. The therapist can also make a tape or teach self hypnosis techniques. Most therapists charge around $120 per hour. I recommend Dr. Francis Dreher who was my teacher. He is at Colusa Circle. 528 3748.

Sharon Pierce is a hypnotherapist in Albany who has a warm and comforting presence. Her rates are reasonable and she incorporates Reiki in her practice. Reiki is a gentle and noninvasive bio-energetic therapy that has been clinically proven to relieve pain and is especially useful in chronic pain conditions that are not responsive to conventional treatment. Sharon's number is 774-9749. Amy

Hypnotherapist for working on behavior modifications

February 2003

I am looking for a recommendation for a hypnotherapist. In particular I am interested in working on behavior modifications for a healthier lifestyle. Preferrably in Oakland, but East Bay is fine. Thanks.

I highly recommend David Barron as a hypnotherapist. I have worked with him on everything from musical development to weight, and even more personal issues. He is excellent and I get amazing results. His office is in San Jose, but he is willing to come to this area for appointments. His phone is (408) 885-1855, and his email address is dr.barron at changework.com. Feel free to call or e-mail me if you'd like more specific information. Linda

i know a great hypnotherapist-her name is kristen nemzer- i had a session with her last year and highly reccommend her- check out her webssite-www.deepinsighthypnosis.com helaines

Hypnotherapist for nail biting

July 2003

Has anyone had any experience with a hypnotherapist for help in stopping nail biting (in an adult)??? I'm so tired of my bitten-to-the-quick nubs but I've been doing this forever.

Paul Minsky is a licensed psychologist practicing in Berkeley. He specializes in hypnotherapy and teaches self-hypnosis. He can be reached at (510)524-0700 good luck

I highly recommend David Barron as a hypnotherapist. He is amazing and gets excellent results in many areas -- habits, long- held belief systems which are causing problems, personal growth, competence. I have several friends who also see him now too, so he is willing to come up for regular sessions with us. He is in San Jose and will either see clients there, or comes up here for sessions occasionally. His phone number is (408) 885-1855, and his e-mail address is dr.barron at changework.com. Linda

You might want to talk to Cynthia Moore, 869-5252 She is very experienced, responsible, smart, warm and capable. I know she works alot with ''bad habits''. Good luck. Bridget

Bob Oliver in Berkeley did the trick for me. I smoked for 19 years and was able to quit after one session with him. I also got accupuncture for the first two weeks. Danielle

Hypnotherapy for smoking

Aug 2010

I have a two year old daughter and would like to quit smoking. Does anyone have a hypnotherapist in the Berkeley/Oakland area they could recommend that help them quit smoking? Tired of smoking

I recommend Patricia Reynolds Sorbye (patricia [at] watervox.net / 510-834-6726) - website is www.watervox.net

I started smoking as a teen and quit with Patricia's help 3 1/2 years ago when I hit my early forty's and had my first child. I never thought I could live without those cigarettes. I tried quiting several times before with no luck. Patricia has a great program that involves hypnotherapy as well as an approach to smoking those last cigarettes. For example I wasn't allowed to smoke while doing anything else (drinking, socializing, etc.)- in other words take some of the joy out of it. I added to it by doing uncomfortable things while smoking (standing on one leg the entire time, etc.) I also kept every cigarette I smoked in a glass jar with water and made myself look at it and smell it before and after each cigarette. Patricia has you smoke like a fiend the day before you quit - and by the time that day ends you are ready to quit smoking.

I highly recommend Patricia. Without her help I wouldn't have been able to do it. Good luck to you - you can do it and you'll be very happy you did. If I can be of any support, don't hesitate to email. Roger

July 2003

Can anyone recommend a hynotherapist to help a long time smoker (over 20 years) quit the habit? My friend would like to quit, but is hoping it can be as painless as possible. Other suggestions would be welcome as well. Thank you. ccassidy

Bob Oliver in Berkeley did the trick for me. I smoked for 19 years and was able to quit after one session with him. I also got accupuncture for the first two weeks. Danielle

June 2003

I need and want to stop smoking, and have not yet had success in doing so. A number of years ago an ex of mine was unsuccessful with 3 hypnotists, and then he found one whose method really worked for him. Unfortunately, he can't remember her name. I know that there are various styles of working and that practitioners may have different specialties. Can anyone recommend a hypnotist for this specific purpose? Thanks. anon

I know you wanted a hypnotist referral, but thought I'd share my success with you anyways. I was a 19 year, at least a pack a day, smoker and was able to quit using the ''Smoke Away'' program. You may have seen it on TV or heard about it on the radio. I was skeptical about its credibility, but was so desperate to quit that I threw caution to the wind and tried it. Today, I am smoke free 28 days. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Congratulations on your decision to quit and good luck on your journey! marian

Jim Stewart is an incredible ''energy therapist''. he works with hypnosis and chi gong, gets to the root quickly accessing your considerable healing resources. And he is smart and funny and wise. call him at 415.752.8846--you will be able to tell if he is a match for you! laura